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Tapping into Customer Insights and Analytics: How Quantzig Can Help CPG Companies Maximize Business Success

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Quantzig, a global data analytics and advisory firm, that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems has announced the completion of its new article series- on ‘How Customer Insights and Analytics Can Help CPG Companies.’ It comprises of a collection of four articles that shed light on the role of customer analytics, web crawling, competitor tracking, and social listening in the Consumer Packaged Good Industry.

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Quantzig’s customer insights and analytics series offers unprecedented insights into:

According to Quantzig’s customer analytics experts, “Tier-1 CPG companies have been able to drive market success and achieve an additional 12%-15% margin growth by leveraging our analytics solutions.”

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Market saturation and low consumer switching costs make the CPG industry an incredibly competitive space. A detailed analysis of the CPG marketspace followed by the categorization of CPG brands into market leaders and followers revealed that market leaders were more likely to adapt to the changing market trends and leverage advanced customer insights and analytics to make crucial business decisions. However, with trends and market dynamics playing a crucial role in CPG success, CPG companies need to stay attuned to the customers’ needs using advanced customer analytics solutions.

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Customer Insights and Analytics Value Proposition for the CPG Industry

Proactive identification of opportunity areas using web crawling solutions

The COVID-19 crisis has provided immense opportunities for CPG companies to diversify their product portfolio and drive market share. However, before investing in new segments CPG companies must analyze their competitors’ strategies and ensure complete visibility of competitor’s products that can potentially help them expand the market footprint and drive market share. Quantzig’s proprietary web crawling solutions, are designed to do just that by helping you collect, integrate, and optimize data sets, offering complete visibility into the competitive landscape.

AI-powered competitor tracking solutions to monitor the strengths and weaknesses of competitors

With new market entrants looking to tap into new opportunities, CPG companies have now realized the need to ensure they gain complete visibility into their competitor’s strategies and product offerings. Quantzig’s proprietary competitor tracking solutions that leverage data collection and analysis offer complete visibility of the competitive landscape by gathering information from online sources such as competitor websites, press releases, and government tendering websites.

Advanced social listening solutions to monitor and track brand mentions and customer interactions

Leveraging social listening can help businesses identify new opportunities by understanding and classifying the needs of customers into different groups based on product needs, service requirements, and food consumption patterns. Quantzig can enable proactive identification of opportunity areas in different regions by mining the unstructured conversations collected from various digital platforms.

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