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Tavant Powers Unified Warranty Claim Management Platform for a Leading Commercial Truck Manufacturer

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Tavant, a leading digital products and solutions company for the aftermarket industry, today announced that it enabled Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC) to expand its warranty claim handling solution across North America and Canada. This rollout caters to 235 plus dealer network and enables greater transparency and agility while improving customer satisfaction.

Falcon, the company’s one-stop system for online claim transactions powered by Tavant’s warranty system was initially rolled out in early 2016 for the Japanese market and in early 2017 for customers across 60+ countries in international markets. The solution enabled faster claim judgment, eliminated conventional submission methods, and provided data transparency to the manufacturer and global distributors.

Witnessing the success of this project, in August 2018, the company launched Falcon+ on a single platform- Tavant Warranty, in North America, which brought 235 plus dealers on board. Falcon+ is a single platform that connects dealers, national organization (general distributors/subsidiaries) and the headquarters of a global automobile manufacturer for warranty claim management. The solution empowers them to improve productivity, increase operational efficiency, and gain better visibility of their warranty management operations. The solution helps them to simplify the claim process for customers while significantly improving cycle times and reducing costs.

“The automotive industry is fraught with manual, labor-intensive, and therefore, costly and inefficient processes. With this implementation, Tavant has simplified many of these tasks while significantly increasing productivity, reducing costs, and accelerating digital transformation. Tavant’s industry knowledge, coupled with powerful warranty software capabilities, has enabled the company to streamline their warranty operations globally and brought agility in the claim process,” said Vikas Khosla, Senior Vice President at Tavant.

“By deploying the Falcon+ solution, 235 plus dealers have been onboarded, and the claim handling is reduced to a minimum. Furthermore, a single line of adjudication has drastically shortened end-to-end judgment times and has provided them with higher end-to-end transparency on all transactions,” Khosla substantiated.

“The typical claims process involves numerous touchpoints and manual interventions and lacks real-time analytical insights that drive decision making. This set of challenges causes long claim cycle times, higher settlement costs, and a lack of transparency for customers throughout the claims process, so we developed a sophisticated platform leveraging our deep warranty claims expertise integrated with digital capabilities to solve these challenges and streamlined MFTBC’s claims services. We are committed to support the expansion and success of the company with leading-edge products and services,” said Roshan Pinto, Head of Aftermarket Practice, Tavant.

About Tavant Warranty

Tavant Warranty is an industry-leading web-based, full-lifecycle warranty management solution that brings together OEMs, suppliers, and service channel partners in a real-time collaborative environment. Tavant’s future-ready, warranty solution comes from over 19 years of experience of working with leading customers to develop and implement enterprise-class warranty claim solutions. Tavant Warranty helps reduce warranty spend, increase supplier recovery, reduce claim processing, and consolidate fragmented warranty data to improve forecasts.

About Tavant

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