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TD Ameritrade Takes First Steps into Open Source

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TD Ameritrade1 today announced its first creation of an open
source project: STUMPY, a python library to identify patterns and
anomalies in time series data. Having benefited from open source as a
means to shorten development roadmaps since the early 2000’s, STUMPY
represents a new opportunity for the company to give back to the
developer community.

Since “Big Data” first became a buzzword more than a decade ago, its
promise has been hampered by the realities of the challenges of working
with large datasets. Historically, uncovering interesting and important
insights from large time series data, or data that tracks changes in a
system’s behavior over time, has been both time-consuming and
computationally expensive. STUMPY addresses both of these problems while
offering a user-friendly interface that is simple yet powerful and
scalable. From financial services to healthcare and beyond, the benefits
of this technology are potentially significant.

Since its founding in 1975, TD Ameritrade has built a reputation as an
innovative, forward-thinking company that is using technology to change
lives and investing for the better. By becoming an active participant in
the open source community, TD Ameritrade builds on this legacy,
encouraging outside contribution from developers to foster new and
innovative uses for this technology that has helped the company maintain
its leadership position.

“I am thrilled that TD Ameritrade has made its first contribution to the
open source community,” said Vijay Sankaran, chief information officer,
TD Ameritrade. “We see this community as a source of innovation and we
are excited to see how developers outside of our organization can evolve
the ideas that we’ve introduced. STUMPY is an important and exciting
offering, but we also see it as the first of many contributions we’ll be
making to the community on an ongoing basis in the future.”

STUMPY is provided with a three-clause Berkeley Software Distribution
(BSD) license to allow developers to use the library for a wide range of
applications. STUMPY was developed by TD Ameritrade’s Exploration Lab,
one of the firm’s dedicated exploratory technology teams, in partnership
with TD Ameritrade’s Open Source Program Office (OSPO), which works with
several key members of the company’s Technology, Legal and Risk
organizations to get valuable input in establishing governance for
internal Open Source Software (OSS) usage and find ways for its
developers to participate in the open source community.

STUMPY is made publicly available at

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