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Tech Data GCC to Deliver All-Flash Arrays as-a-Service for On-Prem Storage Solutions Powered by StorONE

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StorONE today announced a partnership with Tech Data, the leading end-to-end distributor of technology products, services and solutions around the world, to deliver All-Flash Arrays as-a-Service (AFAaaS). Now users can take advantage of a subscription-based billing model, priced per terabyte, without a long-term commitment. These all-flash arrays support all workloads and deliver best in class performance with complete data protection.

All AFAaaS systems include complete data management and protection features such as unlimited snapshots; support for all storage protocols (block, file, and object) on the same drives; support for iSCSI, Fibre Channel, NFS, and S3; and support for all drive types in the same server. Five configurations are available immediately: 18, 20, 40, 60, and 80 TB, with IOPS ranging from 100,000 up to 600,000.

The All-Flash Array as-a-Service models include built-in data protection and resiliency. Instead of traditional RAID schemes that require long rebuild times and impact performance, S1’s next-generation abstracted architecture accelerates drive rebuild times, eliminates dedicated hot spares, and offers highly granular, user-definable resiliency levels. S1 allows unlimited, nestable, writeable, and persistent snapshots with zero performance impact. Organizations can run random and sequential workloads, cloud-native and legacy applications, and support containers, microservices, and line-of-business applications, together on one shared platform.

Available for 60 percent less than competitively equipped arrays from leading enterprise vendors, AFAaaS models require dramatically less hardware resources to match or exceed competitor’s specs. StorONE’s patented algorithms maximize communication channels and balance between storage and CPU utilization, so users get the full rated IOPS, throughput, and capacity of their media investment. Since there is no need to overprovision, users pay only for the resources needed today, and can seamlessly and transparently add drives as requirements grow.


AFAaaS models with S1 storage services cost around fifty cents per GB per month. Unlike other arrays available at monthly lease prices, AFAaaS requires no long-term commitment, so customers may cancel or modify their plan with a 90-day notice.

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About StorONE

StorONE’s mission is to provide the industry with a solution that meets all the objectives of software-defined storage, plus data protection and resiliency that is 10X better than any other technology on the market along with system performance that is 10X better than the industry standard. Founded by proven disruptive serial entrepreneurs who have been awarded over 50 patents, and backed by top-tier industry luminaries and strategic investors, StorONE is completely changing the perception of storage from an IT cost center to a resource that provides organizations with a key competitive advantage. StorONE is headquartered in New York, with offices in Dallas, Tel Aviv and Singapore. Additional information about StorONE is available at

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