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Techficient’s New Analytics Platform Accelerates Decision-Making Process for Insurance Industry

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Techficient is pleased to announce the launch of its innovative CORE platform, a data and analytics solution created to simplify the sale of insurance and financial products. Designed by industry veterans, the suite of applications maximizes efficiencies and helps advisors and brokerage general agents (BGA) make better decisions.

CORE is a KPI-driven, cloud-based agency management system that enables brokerage executives to gain unparalleled insight into their agency. The applications take high-integrity data to create deep and powerful analytics that allow CORE users to understand the drivers behind case management. This innovative approach can generate dynamic quotes, highlight top advisors, and illustrate which policy type is the most profitable. In-force policy management tools can help advisors or BGAs prevent policy lapses and can help generate new business opportunities. The software can help identify inefficiencies and smooth out pain points.

“CORE collects pristine data to power an accurate and robust set of analytical tools and dashboards,” said Scott Fergusson, Chief Executive Officer at Techficient. “We designed it to give our clients the ability to really drill down into the underlying numbers and see how their business truly operates. We know that it will give them answers to questions they haven’t even thought about asking yet.”

Techficient’s suite of applications and innovative analytical tools give management teams and advisors insights to improve their operations. For example, the software can speed up the application process for non-simplified life insurance policies. Using proprietary data can direct advisors to the carrier most likely to provide coverage for their clients. Knowing the carrier placement by applicant type ratio can significantly lower the risk of rejection and the need to go through the time-consuming process of applying with another carrier. Using a KPI like Advisor Cost Per Premium Dollar can identify which advisors bring in the most revenue for the fewest touches. This highlights an advisor’s actual profitability, not just the amount of premiums they bring in.

About Techficient

Techficient provides secure, cloud-based software designed to make all aspects of an insurance sale faster and more efficient; its suite of applications offers seamless CRM and AMS solutions for distributors and carriers. The company is based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and is privately held.