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Technology Megatrend Predictions for 2021: AI-accelerated Automation, Remote Solutions, Digital Wellbeing & Intelligent Resilience

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As we navigate the uncertainty of 2021, Juniper Research has published its predictions for the technology and telecom sector for the coming year. A free report and slide set detailing the findings are available to download from Juniper Research’s website.

The Tech & Telco Megatrends for 2021

  1. AI-accelerated Automation in Operations

    • Rapid Expansion of Extended Reality within Online and Mobile Commerce
    • COVID-19 Pandemic to Increase Investment into Chatbot Automation Capabilities
    • Blockchain to Escape the Hype, but Only in Certain Areas
  2. Remote Solutions to Reshape Technology Landscape

    • Virtual Workspace Innovation to Accelerate, as the Future of Work Evolves
    • Multiservice Subscriptions to Proliferate
    • eSIM Management Tools to Enable Intelligent Control
  3. Digital Health & Wellbeing Enter the Mainstream

    • Digital Therapeutics to Become Major Part of Healthcare Delivery
    • Wearables Key to Combatting Spread of COVID-19, Once Privacy Concerns are Addressed
    • Concept of Sexual Wellness to Drive Sextech Adoption
  4. Increased Investment in Intelligent Resilience

    • Increasing Development of Private Network Capabilities
    • Standalone 5G to Drive Further Core Network Virtualisation
    • Confidential Computing to Ease IoT Security Concerns

To explore these predictions more closely, please download the free slide set.

Impacts of COVID-19 Pandemic Set to Shape 2021

Many of our predictions for 2021 are heavily influenced by the continued disruption from the global COVID-19 pandemic. Juniper Research has identified 2021 as a key year for AI automation to impact a number of key sectors such as chatbots and extended reality, enabling significant efficiency gains.

We also expect the rapid development of remote solutions to reshape working environments. With restricted travel, new frameworks will allow employers to continue operations amidst the global pandemic. Additionally, we believe that interest in digital wellbeing will increase, including digital therapeutics services and the concept of sexual wellness, proliferating into the mainstream.

Juniper Research has identified that the resilience of intelligent networks will be key this year, with network operators further investing in new technologies for private networks, virtualisation and confidential computing.

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