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Technology Services Group Successfully Benchmarks 11 Billion Document Repository With Amazon Web Services

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Technology Services Group, Inc. (TSG), a leading provider of document management integration software announced today that it has successfully tested the OpenContent Management Suite (OCMS) of products with a repository containing 11 billion documents running on Amazon Web Services. The benchmark was populated with TSG’s OpenMigrate product and was able to achieve ingestion speeds of 20,000 documents per second with over 1 billion documents migrated on an average day. OCMS provides a modern user interface for common document management capabilities for a variety of ECM platforms and has included hundreds of clients across various industries. OCMS for DynamoDB provides native AWS support for DynamoDB users to provide a modern and highly performant ECM solution. OCMS for DynamoDB along with sample configurations and documents is available as a trial within the Amazon Marketplace.

“What TSG has been able to prove out with their 11 billion document benchmark is the power of their solutions combined with NoSQL, DynamoDB and Amazon Web Services on an unprecedented scale,” said Alan Pelz-Sharpe, Founder – Deep Analysis and long-time ECM industry analysts. “There is huge demand for new ECM 2.0 capabilities and systems running in the cloud. Those systems are emerging not from traditional first-generation ECM vendors, but from experienced ECM integrators like TSG that find ways to natively leverage modern technologies like AWS and DynamoDB.”

“OCMS for DynamoDB represents our most significant effort to date to allow AWS clients do more with DynamoDB and leverage the strengths of the AWS platform natively for common document management applications,” said David Giordano, President and Founder of Technology Services Group. “OCMS for DynamoDB gives AWS customers modern, cloud native configurable software for common document management applications. We look forward to helping more AWS customers expand their AWS deployments and migrate away from outdated, costly, limited, on-premise, legacy ECM systems.”

“The 11 billion document benchmark allowed us to verify our design for OpenContent for DynamoDB on a massive scale,” said Joe Hof, senior technical architect and product manager of OpenContent for DynamoDB. “The large-scale ingestion allowed us to prove the scaling of our solution and AWS would not be impacted by the size of the repository as our first billion objects migrated in the same speed as our last billion objects with no reduction in search or retrieval performance.

Technology Services Group, Inc. is a leading provider of content management integration services and software solutions as well as an Amazon Web Services Advanced Technology Partner. Founded in 1996, TSG software and consultants work with many of the Fortune 2000 companies representing various industries. TSG combines business industry skills with leading edge technical ability to provide complete solutions including Amazon Web Service offerings for clients. Additional information available at including links to all published blog articles, technical deep dives, and a research white paper from Deep Analysis titled “A Big Data Approach to ECM.”

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