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Tegra118 Launches New Website as an Extension of Bold Rebrand

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Tegra118, a top provider of wealth and asset management technology solutions—and a portfolio company of Motive Partners, a specialist private equity firm—today, launched its new website. A continuation of the company’s comprehensive rebranding efforts, delivers a modern digital experience that easily connects wealth industry participants with the technology solutions essential to their unique business priorities.

“Our new website is an extension of the Tegra118 brand. It’s bold and fresh, reflecting both our deep roots in the industry as well as our progressive focus on innovation and service that pushes the boundaries of what’s expected in wealth and asset management,” said Cheryl Nash, CEO, Tegra118. “We are providing our clients and the industry with a one-stop opportunity—to engage in thought-provoking discussions, tap into our expertise and explore solutions addressing today’s business challenges.”

Created with all members of the wealth and asset management community in mind, the website is both easy-to-navigate and visually appealing, with focus on the distinct interests and needs of industry participants. Key elements and features of the site encompass:

  • Segment and Solutions sections inform site visitors about Tegra118’s powerful, scalable technology that positions firms for success to meet client needs and capture new opportunities
  • Acomprehensive News and Insights library features thought-provoking insights, perspectives and announcements that showcase Tegra118 experts and other industry trailblazers
  • Culture and Careers pages declare Tegra118’s commitment to caring for communities, nurturing diversity and inclusion while highlighting opportunities for new talent to join its growing team.

“We are constantly working to deliver seamless, integrated experiences and unmatched connectivity to drive business growth for our clients and create impactful outcomes to help them stay ahead of change,” said Alvi Abuaf, Industry Partner at Motive Partners and Board Member at Tegra118. “Our website ties together all of these elements in one place, enabling every visitor to better understand what makes Tegra118 offerings compelling to the marketplace.”

“We exist to solve critical business needs,” added Tricia Viola, Vice President, Marketing, Tegra118. “Our website mirrors this mission and serves as a springboard for meaningful interactions that embody Tegra118’s modern, collaborative and intelligent approach to helping businesses grow and succeed.”

About Tegra118

Tegra118 is an industry leading provider of software solutions to the wealth and asset management industry with a vast network of broker-dealers, asset managers, and custodians and trading interfaces. Its technology platform provides portfolio management, trading, accounting, rebalancing and reporting for managed accounts. Tegra118 also provides modular, goals-based financial planning, performance reporting and fee billing software for financial advisors and asset managers using modern API-based open technology. Tegra118 is committed to delivering powerful solutions that set a new standard for how people interact with, manage, and grow their wealth. Together with our clients, we are building the future of wealth management technology.

Tegra118 is a portfolio company of Motive Partners, a next-generation investment firm focused on technology enabled companies that power the financial services industry. For more information, please visit