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Telchemy Announces SQmediator 3.7 Performance Management Application

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Telchemy, the leading provider of VoIP and Videoconferencing performance analytics software, today announced the release of Version 3.7 of the SQmediator performance management suite. This new release incorporates secure VoIP and applications testing, SIP infrastructure monitoring and the ability to monitor and test conference bridge access and performance. SQmediator has been designed to meet or exceed today’s challenging security and data privacy requirements and is deployed in government, service provider and enterprise networks.

SQmediator provides active test and passive monitoring as a single unified management application suite that enables network operators to proactively detect and troubleshoot issues affecting end-user service quality. SQmediator scales from tier-one service providers and MSPs to mid-sized businesses, providing a secure, multi-service, multi-tenant real time applications management platform. Widely used for managing VoIP and Videoconferencing (UC) services, the platform also supports distributed active testing of SIP, HTTP, email, DNS, DHCP services and IP network performance.

SQmediator 3.7 incorporates many key new features including:

  • Drag and drop report generation – enabling customers to create rich branded reports directly form the SQmediator user interface
  • Passive monitoring of DTMF embedded into VoIP calls and active testing of DTMF transmission within networks-, which provides monitoring and troubleshooting visibility for both IVR systems and managed conference services
  • Testing of applications using Transport Layer Security (TLS), including SIP/TLS and SIPS, HTTPS, secure email, DNS over TLS and other secure applications
  • SIP OPTIONS based testing of SIP infrastructure systems and devices
  • Improved support for multi-tenant Cloud based deployments, which allows the tenants (or customers) to perform more self-management of users, locations and resources
  • Telemarketing call detection, which provides near real-time warning of potential telemarketing numbers, which can be used to investigate fraudulent calls immediately
  • Support for both Oracle 19c and PostgreSQL 10-13

This increased platform functionality enables Telchemy SQmediator customers to manage secure applications, provides improved operation in Cloud deployments and provides a number of tools for troubleshooting IVR and conference bridge access.

For information on SQmediator, please see the SQmediator product page or contact Telchemy Sales.

Telchemy® is the global leader in analytics technology for real-time applications and multimedia IoT with its VQmon®, Embiot™, DVQattest®, SQprobe® and SQmediator® families of service quality monitoring and analysis products. Telchemy pioneered the use of embedded analytics technology and the application of big data for VoIP and Video performance management, and is positioned to be a leading provider of analytics technology for the emerging IoT market. Founded in 1999, the company has products deployed worldwide and markets its technology both directly and through many leading networking, test and management product companies.