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Telchemy Releases SQmediator 3.6 Unified Communications Performance Management System

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Telchemy today released version 3.6 of the SQmediator Unified
Communications performance management system, which provides live
traffic monitoring using QoE (Quality of Experience) reports from IP
phones and SQprobe, and active testing using the DVQattest agent.
SQmediator supports both Oracle and PostgreSQL databases, with terabyte
scalability and privacy protected user data. SQmediator is used
worldwide by Service Providers, Hosted/Cloud UC Providers, Governments
and Enterprises to manage Unified Communications services.

SQmediator is a robust, secure, scalable performance management system
that collects, correlates and reports end-user QoE and detailed call
analytics, providing intuitive dashboards, fast search, alerting and
bulk call data export. This enables Telchemy customers to provide
proactive service to their customers and users on a managed service
basis, or use SQmediator’s multi-tenant capabilities to enable customer
self-service. SQmediator’s active testing capabilities are ideal for
pre-deployment network analysis, systems verification, SLA monitoring
and periodic service health checks.

SQmediator 3.6 brings a wealth of features, including:

  • Collection of endpoint QoE reports directly from a wide range of IP
    phones including Polycom, Avaya Red and Blue, Cisco, Yealink, Mitel,
    Panasonic, Sangoma, Audiocodes and other RFC6035 compatible devices
  • Collection of mid-network, demarcation point and edge QoE reports
    using SQprobe
  • Triggered packet capture and display / export of SIP signaling message
    flow and content to enable operations personnel to efficiently
    troubleshoot cross-platform signaling and media quality issues
  • Calendar-based scheduling of active tests to facilitate intelligent
    and targeted troubleshooting
  • DTMF digit collection and search, which makes it easier to
    troubleshoot multi-party conference calls
  • Scales from mid-sized enterprise or call centers up to load-balanced /
    resilient multi-terabyte systems supporting 10 million+ BHCA

Telchemy® is the global leader in analytics technology for
real-time applications and multimedia IoT with its VQmon®,
Embiot®, DVQattest®, SQprobe® and
SQmediator® families of performance monitoring and analytics
products. Telchemy pioneered the use of embedded device analytics
technology and the application of big data for VoIP and Video
performance management, and is positioned to be a leading provider of
analytics technology for the emerging IoT market. Founded in 1999, the
company has products deployed worldwide and markets its technology both
directly and through many leading networking, test and management
product companies.

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Device Analytics are trademarks of Telchemy Incorporated. The marks
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