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Telecom Analytics is Gaining Ground Across Regions | Quantzig’s New Article Explains Why

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Quantzig, a leading analytics advisory firm that delivers customized analytics solutions, has announced the completion of their new article on telecom analytics. The growing popularity of digital technologies and advanced analytics tools have impacted business operations across industries. The telecom industry is undeniably at the epicenter of this technological disruption as such advances have not only resulted in the evolution of new business models but have made multi-device usage and multi-device viewing the norm for telecom companies.

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At Quantzig, we believe that leveraging advanced telecom analytics solutions can help businesses to gain unprecedented visibility into core business processes. Apart from improving efficiency and growth, telecom analytics also helps companies to analyze real-time data sets to make fact-based decisions that propel peculiar, conclusive, and action-oriented culture across the organization

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Four Telecom Analytics Use Cases

#1: Enhance customer experience

Telecom analytics helps companies to collate and analyze data obtained from various sources to understand the biggest pain points of their customers. Customer data sets must be aggregated and analyzed to identify factors that affect customer experience across channels.

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#2: Reduce truck rolls through proactive customer care

Leveraging telecom analytic solutions can help businesses to generate customized reports based on what-if scenarios and visualize results using data clustering algorithms. The use of location-based heat maps can also help them easily track and identify problematic areas and allocate resources accordingly.

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#3: Analyze the potential of new offerings

To analyze the potential of new offerings telecom service providers must gain a detailed understanding of customer preferences, behaviors, and sentiments. Advanced telecom analytics solutions that leverage predictive modeling techniques can help telcos analyze various factors influencing the decisions of their customers.

#4: Reduce customer churn rate

Telecom analytics helps telcos leverage big data and advanced analytics tools to identify factors or events that trigger the churn events. Telcos can leverage such insights to deploy suitable strategies to prevent churn and improve satisfaction rates.

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