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Telecommunication Support Services, Inc Is Now TSS Solutions

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Telecommunication Support Services, Inc. (TSS, Inc), an Acorn
Growth Company, announces its name change to TSS Solutions. The new name
is effective immediately and will be implemented across the company’s
products and services. The company’s headquarters will remain in
Melbourne, Florida.

“For more than 25 years, TSS Solutions has supported a broad range of
technical services for satellite, wireless, radar and broadband systems
suppliers,” said Don DiFrisco, president of TSS Solutions. “The name
change signals a targeted focus on innovating and modernizing
ground-based radar and satellite communication technologies to support
customer needs and requirements around the world.”

TSS Solutions is a defense electronics engineering and
manufacturing-focused company, continually innovating technology
advancements and improvements to radar and SATCOM systems originally
developed by some of the most powerful aerospace and defense brands in
the world. TSS Solutions’ technical capabilities and engineering
expertise are supported by a full-service, in-house depot operation. As
owners of several radar systems, and providers of systems for lease, TSS
Solutions is uniquely positioned to provide state-of-the-art technology
capabilities at the optimal mix of low cost of acquisition and leasing,
fast delivery, service-life extension, and ongoing maintenance and
operations support services where it is needed, when it is needed,

“Customers, suppliers, and partners will continue to experience the same
high-quality products, services, and support that they experience
today,” DiFrisco said. “Our targeted focus on innovating and modernizing
ground-based radar and satellite communication technologies will allow
us to meet the growing needs of our customers and new customers as the
need for radar and satellite communications continues to evolve and

TSS Solutions, an Acorn Growth Company, is the defense
electronics leader in upgrading, reengineering, repairing and operating
ground-based tactical and fixed position radar and SATCOM systems. The
Company is committed to building innovative products and delivering
world-class engineering and technical service to support customers’
missions globally. TSS Solutions serves the global defense,
telecommunications, and commercial industries. The men and women of TSS
Solutions are proud to support the United States and its allies who
protect national interests and preserve freedom around the world.

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