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Teledyne Marine to Supply Eco-Friendly eSource Seismic Source to WesternGeco®

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Teledyne Marine Seismic, a division of Teledyne Technologies and a leading provider of acquisition solutions to the offshore seismic market, has been awarded a contract to provide the eSource seismic source to WesternGeco®, a Schlumberger company.

WesternGeco will use the eSource technology as an integral part of its wide-azimuth (WAZ) survey, the first ever conducted in Brazil. The project will be acquired by a third-party acquisition services provider.

Teledyne Bolt’s eSource is the seismic industry’s first bandwidth-controlled seismic source. It was engineered to mitigate the potential impact of seismic acquisition operations on marine life, while maintaining optimal bandwidth for subsurface imaging. Delivery of the eSource energy source is expected in the second quarter 2020.

About Teledyne Marine Seismic

Teledyne Marine Seismic designs and manufactures instruments to address the needs of the offshore seismic market. The group is comprised of 4 different technology-based companies. At the cornerstone of this group is Teledyne Geophysical, a long-standing supplier of hydrophones and streamer cables. Joining them in 2014 via the Bolt Technology acquisition are Teledyne Bolt, Teledyne Real Time Systems, and Teledyne AG Geophysical, which round out the product offerings with eco-friendly sound sources, air gun controller/synchronization systems and harsh environment interconnect systems. For more information, please visit

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