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Telidyne Announces New Mobile App for Detection of Coronavirus and Other Infectious Diseases

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Telidyne, Inc (the “Company”) (OTC: TLDN), an emerging technology company which already has a digital payment mobile App, TELIBIT (TELI) in the marketplace, announced today that it has started work on developing a new mobile app to be available globally on both iPhone and Android platforms that would allow easy detection of coronavirus (COVID-19) or other similar infectious diseases among global population.

The Company has started the development work and expects to have a Beta version ready in 2 to 3 months. The new mobile app will utilize instant contact digital tracing to provide real time measure and information of the health of the individual user and his or her proximity to another infected user. To stop the spread of an infectious disease, health officials need to find and isolate an infected person quickly and digital contact tracing is a mainstay of infectious disease control.

This novel interactive mobile App will not violate any privacy laws as it will ask users to voluntarily provide their health and personal information into the mobile app. Most consumers already provide similar information to several of their phone apps related to fitness, diet, personal relations and financial services. Additionally, users will voluntarily give this information since they will also be able to benefit from the mobile app’s database by receiving information and other alerts about infected people near them in office, malls, airports, restaurants, movie theaters or sports arenas globally. They will receive real time guidance on how to navigate during a virus pandemic. This new mobile app will provide extremely beneficial information to Medical professionals, research facilities and Governments in treating the infectious diseases including COVID-19.

About Telidyne, Inc.

Telidyne Inc is a rapidly growing technology company which is disrupting ecommerce by developing its mobile App, TELIBIT for digital financial transactions and also providing customized software development to a wide variety of companies using Blockchain technology. Telidyne’s management is experienced, versatile and committed to excellence. They have an ongoing record of successfully building large and profitable enterprises that deliver shareholder value.

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