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Telidyne Provides Update on Its E-Commerce Mobile App

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Telidyne, Inc (the “Company”) (OTC: TLDN), an emerging technology company provided an update on its mobile App, TELIBIT (TELI) which is available to customers for download on Android platform.

The Company’s TELI mobile App is now fully functional on Android mobile platform to enable users to exchange payments with each other. It allows peer to peer payments and is a two-sided network where both buyers and sellers who have Telibit accounts with a digital wallet balance can perform a transaction. The Company’s payment service enables the completion of payments on its Payments Platform on behalf of its mobile App users. The TELI App offers users the flexibility to use their digital wallet account to make payment for goods and services, as well as to transfer and withdraw funds from their bank account.

The Company is diligently working on making TELI available to iPhone users in the next 30-45 days. The Company is also adding many more additional functionalities to the mobile App in the coming months will keep updating on its progress.

About Telidyne, Inc.

Telidyne Inc is a rapidly growing technology company which is disrupting ecommerce by developing its mobile App, TELIBIT for mobile payments and also providing customized software development to a wide variety of companies using Blockchain technology. The Company plans to grow rapidly through strategic acquisitions of established and profitable businesses worldwide. Telidyne’s management is experienced, versatile and committed to excellence. They have an ongoing record of successfully building large and profitable enterprises that deliver shareholder value.

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