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Telliris Announces New Version Available for Use on Google Cloud Platform

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Telliris, a leading provider of time collection IVR solutions for many
time & attendance systems, announced it has released version 2.5.4 which
contains a number of new features and is available for production
operation under Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Telliris Attend version 2.5.4 has been fully tested running at maximum
load for extended run time to confirm proper operation in a GCP
environment. Testing included multi-node operation with several nodes
each processing at maximum rated capacity. The Telliris Monitoring and
Alerts (TMA) feature was enabled and a complex call dialog was exercised
during stress testing to confirm proper call handling including data I/O
with on-line real time access to time & attendance. Several test cycles
included operating with popular channel partner time & attendance
systems, one from a most established solution provider and another
configured for a very large workforce.

The performance running under GCP was found to be similar to Telliris
running under VMware ESXi. For very high capacity production, Telliris
continues to recommend using a native hardware environment where
practical. This is due to the real-time nature of telecommunications.

Telliris has been available in two primary formats for years; licensed
on-premises and cloud SaaS. The conformance testing performed by
Telliris demonstrated that the solution performs with high reliability
and performance in a GCP environment. This enables channel partners and
their end-customers to confidently host their Telliris solution at
Google. The software media used for GCP operation is exactly the same as
licensed on-premises. Channel partners and their end-customers may
provision their solution under GCP independently without any
coordination needed with Telliris. The only difference is where you
install and configure, the task is largely the same for GCP as it is for
an on-premises virtual or native environment.

“Telliris has benchmarked GCP provisioning at less than 60 minutes.”
said Mark Nickson, at Telliris. “In this scenario, the process in
Installation Guide Part I and II is used to stand up an instance of
Telliris at GCP, data I/O is established with the time & attendance
system, and the call dialog is exercised as usual”. The primary
additional task in provisioning is setup, upload and configuration
specific to GCP Compute Engine. “That’s it, once provisioned under GCP
it works the same as always”.

About Telliris

Telliris, a division of DAC Systems focuses specifically on making IVR
Telephone-based Time and Labor Data Collection solutions. Telliris
Attend is available through the companies it has partnered with in the
Time & Attendance, Workforce Management and Human Capital Management
industries. Telliris can be contacted at 203-924-7000;

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