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Telmetrics and Zipwhip Partner to Deliver Richer Analytics and Texting for Businesses on Call-Tracking Numbers

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the leading provider of texting for business, and Telmetrics
, enterprise-level call and text tracking software, today
announced a partnership to allow businesses to gather critical
attribution data on text messages delivered through existing business
phone numbers. By combining the power of the Zipwhip and Telmetrics
platforms, businesses will be empowered to simultaneously track the
effectiveness of their marketing dollars across both text and call
campaigns – an essential feature for marketing firms, franchises and
brands looking to better understand and build relationships with

The partnership includes an integration enabling Zipwhip and Telmetrics
customers to access texting and attribution capabilities. By
text-enabling existing landline, VoIP and toll-free phone numbers,
Zipwhip gives businesses the opportunity to communicate with their
customers on the channels they prefer. Through the integration, messages
sent to unique call-tracking numbers are now instantly forwarded to the
business’s main landline, VoIP or toll-free number so companies can
continue text conversations on their primary number – helping establish
long-term relationships with new customers and further building
relationships with existing customers. Customers utilizing the
integration have full access to Zipwhip’s enterprise-grade software, key
functionality and tools such as keyword-triggered auto replies, office
hours responses, scheduled messages, dynamic templates and more. By
partnering with Telmetrics, Zipwhip customers can extend their text
capabilities into their marketing programs and gain valuable insights
and an understanding of their return on investment (ROI) of their
text-marketing initiatives.

“Arming marketers with the capabilities to become more customer-centric
while increasing the choices for consumers from just ‘call us’ to ‘call
or text us’ creates instant lift in the ROI of marketing campaigns,”
said Telmetrics CEO Andrew Osmak.

The relationship combines the power of scalable, secure, conversational
and automated texting capabilities with a clear attribution picture for
all text-marketing initiatives and allows businesses to capitalize on
additional value-add services and marketing stack integrations from

“Whether or not businesses advertise the ability to receive texts on
their main phone number, consumers are texting in,” said John Lauer, CEO
of Zipwhip. “This partnership lets businesses harness the power of
texting and capture messages sent to not only their main phone number,
but individual call tracking numbers, as well.”

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About Telmetrics: Telmetrics is a leading enterprise call
tracking software company specialized in serving call intensive
marketers, digital agencies and online directories. For over 25 years,
Telmetrics has delivered scalable call and text-based attribution
solutions to reveal the impact of direct response campaigns. With a deep
level of experience, solid infrastructure and a passion for quality,
Telmetrics ensures the delivery and measurement of calls to hundreds of
thousands of advertisers across North America. Learn more about
Telmetrics at

About Zipwhip: Zipwhip empowers companies to communicate with
their customers in the most effective and preferred way possible – text
messaging. With Zipwhip’s texting for business, organizations can text
with customers right from their computer or mobile device, using any
existing landline, VoIP or toll-free phone number. Zipwhip’s direct
network connectivity, intuitive cloud-based software and an
enterprise-grade API mean businesses can securely and reliably reach
their customers every time. Your customers are only a text away: