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Templeton World Charity Foundation Issues Request For Ideas for New Innovations for Human Flourishing

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Templeton World Charity Foundation is seeking ideas from researchers around the world for new ways of understanding and promoting human flourishing. This request for ideas (RFI) will be used to invest at least $40M in interdisciplinary scientific research over the next five years.

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“Now is a great time to put a stake in the ground to raise the aspirations of humanity,” said Andrew Serazin, the President of Templeton World Charity Foundation. “We are excited to bring scientific rigor to the conversation on how individuals and societies can flourish.”

Dawid Potgieter, the Director of Programs in Discovery Science at the Foundation, said, “We invite researchers to tell us what they think we should support, which makes this a rare opportunity for them to influence a relatively large amount of funding. It doesn’t matter how risky or unusual—as long as it fits within our strategy, we want their ideas. We hope this open call will inspire us to support research that we may otherwise not have thought of.”

Templeton World Charity Foundation welcomes ideas from experienced researchers with a position at an academic or research institution. All ideas should be submitted through the RFI web portal. Submissions close on November 11, 2020.

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About Templeton World Charity Foundation

Since 1996, Templeton World Charity Foundation has served as a global philanthropic catalyst for discoveries about big questions of the universe in areas at the intersection of science, theology, philosophy, and society. Founded by Sir John Templeton, it fosters ambitious thinking and creative communications on diverse topics. Under the direction of President Andrew Serazin, the Foundation has embarked on an ambitious five-year strategic framework focusing on the discovery, development, and launch of innovations that enable human flourishing.