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Tempus Resource 6.1 Release Enables Flexible Portfolio Intake, Demand Management and Portfolio Workflow Capabilities

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ProSymmetry announced the release of its new 6.1 version of Tempus Resource software, a resource and portfolio management solution that enables product development, research, IT, audit and governance-related organizations to forecast, track and manage projects and resources.

Version 6.1 provides a variety of significant upgrades to intake and workflow abilities, reporting and forecasting features to increase productivity and make for a better user experience. Many of the improvements were based on ideas from our customers for increasing the impact, flexibility and productivity of their Tempus instance for their organizations.

Perhaps most significant in Version 6.1 are the wide variety of enhancements to Tempus Resource’s workflow and intake functionality. The upgrade provides all employees in an organization with the ability to submit new work projects without any additional licensing fees. This is an important feature that will provide substantial cost savings to customers. This same feature, can also support an open innovation program without requiring a company to invest in dedicated software.

Enterprises can now create comprehensive intake workflows along with dynamic forms to configure the distinct steps of business processes. These new capabilities support and address workflows commonly used across IT, product development, audit, marketing and capital project management organizations such as Stage-Gate, innovation, ideation, and others. This is a far more powerful and flexible approach than that offered by competitive tools that use rigid workflow definitions that overly complicate processes and prevent users from acting quickly and effectively. “The new 6.1 release aligns with our approach to help customers build their projects through a simpler, more intuitive business process,” said Sean Pales, ProSymmetry’s CEO. “Our goal is to ensure speed and nimbleness are maintained, while also “democratizing” project intake by not requiring additional licensing or seat costs.

ProSymmetry announced a variety of other enhancements including:

  • New Forecasting features that allow Tempus Resource to capture and forecast resource demand data without having to “time-phase” the information. In addition, users now can also calculate costs by custom rates on an assignment-by-assignment basis. This new capability integrates with all reporting and “what-if” functions
  • On the Reporting side, Tempus Resource now supports workflow dimension and cost calculations to enable pivot grids and pivot charts for workflow fields.
  • Updates to the Timesheet function with a refreshed user interface along with new quick filters inside the timesheet tool that make it easier to quickly search for specific tasks or project names.

Finally, Version 6.1 provides API enhancements to Tempus Resource that allow users to create, update and delete skills and skill categories and take snapshots. “The investments we’ve made in Version 6.1 foreshadow a variety of significant improvements to the product that we’ll be launching later in 2021,” Pales said, “that will further enhance the tool’s position as the most powerful, simple and cost-effective resource management software available to enterprises on the market.”

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