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Terminus Announces Integration with Salesforce Platform to Provide Full Visibility into Customer Engagement across Marketing and Sales Teams

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a leading provider of an account-based marketing (ABM) platform, today
announced its new integration into Salesforce. The integration enables
customers to bring account, contact and campaign data into the Terminus
Account Hub where it can be unified with third-party intent and signal
data and analyzed to identify and segment their most opportune accounts.
Terminus Account and Opportunity Insights are then delivered natively on
the account record in Salesforce Lightning and, combined with insight on
engagement from Salesforce Pardot, this provides marketing, sales, and
customer success teams with full visibility into how accounts are
interacting across all touchpoints.

“Today’s marketing and sales organizations are challenged to tie
disparate data sets together across the customer lifecycle to ensure
they focus on their best customers and prospects,” said Eric Spett, CEO
of Terminus. “As our customers run account-centric initiatives both for
customer acquisition and expansion programs, the account experience
across marketing, sales and success teams must be consistent and
aligned. Visualizing engagement and interactions at an account level in
the environment where teams operate is critical to ensuring this happens
and we are excited to deepen our integration and partnership with
Salesforce to bring this value to customers.”

“Salesforce enables marketing and sales teams to be more effective by
providing a canonical view of every account relationship,” said Liam
Doyle, SVP Product Management, Salesforce Pardot. “We’re excited to see
how Terminus extends this view with even deeper insights across
touch-points. This will allow marketing and sales teams to engage with
even more relevance throughout the customer journey.”

With this release of the Terminus Account-based Platform customers can
now extend the benefit of the Salesforce Lightning Platform and Pardot

  • Easily integrating Salesforce data at the account, contact, lead and
    campaign level into the Terminus Account Hub where it can be combined
    with additional account-level intent and firmographic insights as well
    as anonymous digital signals such as website traffic and ad engagement.
  • Providing account and opportunity insights as a native experience in
    Salesforce allowing teams to easily visualize and understand
    interactions as they occur across known and anonymous influencers
    aggregated in the account record and trended over time.
  • Extending the engagement view across marketing touchpoints, from email
    and website activity in Salesforce Pardot, through to the open web and
    paid digital advertising.
  • Better monitoring and measuring how both marketing and sales channels
    are driving account engagement, attribute activity to business
    outcomes, and tune sales and marketing outreach to improve customer
    experience and drive revenue.

“Account-based marketing, in partnership with Terminus, has become a
strategic, go-to-market pillar for creating stronger marketing and sales
alignment to better acquire and serve our customers,” said Kristin
, chief marketing officer at Hexagon. “The ability to
bring actionable insights directly into our Salesforce experience has
enabled us to better understand account engagement and prioritize
efforts tailored to customer needs.”

The Account Insights functionality is included in the Terminus platform
for customers on the TEAM package. To learn more or request a demo,
please visit:

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About Terminus

Founded in 2014, Terminus
is the leader of the account-based movement. We help our customers
transform B2B marketing by focusing sales and marketing resources on the
best-fit, most likely to buy segments of their addressable market. Our
platform empowers marketing teams to easily build, operate and measure
scalable account-based initiatives that drive quality growth. We serve
hundreds of B2B organizations such as Salesforce, GE, Verizon, 3M and CA
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exceptional results.

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