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Terminus Introduces Engagement Hub to Power Full-Funnel ABM

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Terminus, the #1 customer rated account-based marketing platform, today introduces the Terminus Engagement Hub, the only all-in-one full-funnel ABM platform. The Terminus Engagement Hub combines powerful data and attribution capabilities with advertising, email, web, and chat experiences all connected in one single platform.

Now with Terminus Engagement Hub, it’s never been easier for companies to run coordinated, multi-channel marketing campaigns to drive demand and achieve revenue goals. The Summer Release of the Terminus Platform brings the recently acquired Terminus Chat offering to market as part of the Engagement Hub and adds a host of enhancements to existing capabilities including Trended ABM Scorecards, and new target account list building rules all in a unified interface.

“ABM is more than a marketing strategy, it’s a business strategy. And it’s more important than ever,” said Bryan Wade, Terminus Chief Product Officer. “Marketers are challenged to nurture an existing customer base while still driving quality top-of-funnel activity, all in a digital world. Now with the Terminus Engagement Hub, our customers can own every point of engagement with target audiences and track all activity at the account-level in a single platform. Full-funnel ABM is now easier than ever.”

New Capabilities in the Terminus Engagement Hub:

  • Integrated, full-funnel account-based platform. This release enables customers to easily access the Data Studio, all Engagement Channels and the Measurement Studio through a connected user experience.
  • Terminus Chat – a new account-based engagement channel. This release delivers account-based chat as an integrated experience in the platform. Customers can now drive conversations online that lead to revenue by engaging target accounts through the Chat from Anywhere capability.
  • Enhanced ABM Scorecard with trends helps identify success across market segments over time, prove value, track win rates and compare performance to prior periods.
  • Improved actioning in Data Studio allows users to filter accounts based on advertising performance and engagement metrics for next best actions.
  • New list building functionality in Data Studio enables users to import and connect Salesforce Account IDs and push lists across engagement channels while also connecting those audiences to powerful measurement and attribution analytics.

“The Terminus Engagement Hub is a dream come true for revenue teams,” said Darryl Praill, VanillaSoft CRO. “The way business is done is changing so rapidly. A focused, multi-channel sales and marketing strategy is more vital than ever for us to reach our revenue goals, and the Terminus platform has been pivotal to that strategy. Terminus is the modern marketing platform of choice for teams looking to target and engage the best-fit accounts across the entire funnel.”

This follows the company’s record revenue growth, key executive team hires, leader placement in The Forrester New Wave™: ABM Platforms, Q2 2020 report, and being named a G2 ABM leader for the 10th straight quarter. To learn more, visit

About Terminus

Terminus is the leader of the account-based movement and the crucial link that connects B2B marketing and sales teams with their ideal customers. The Terminus Engagement Hub arms marketing teams with an account-centric platform that delivers all of the data, engagement channels, and attribution analytics that modern marketing teams need to target and engage their current and future customers. Hundreds of organizations worldwide, including Salesforce, GE, Verizon, 3M and CA Technologies, turn to Terminus to more effectively target, engage and grow their best-fit accounts. Terminus offers savvy marketers the technology and proven expertise to radically improve ABM strategies and campaigns, increasing ROI and producing exceptional results. For more information, visit