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Terminus Unveils AI-Driven Account-Based Marketing Platform Updates to Transform Account Targeting and Engagement m

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Terminus, the #1 rated account-based marketing (ABM) execution platform and leader of the ABM movement, today announced the release of its latest ABM platform update, which is focused on enabling B2B marketers to tie together more data sources, automate outreach more easily, and improve Terminus’ already best-in-breed account-based reporting capabilities. New features leverage the existing Terminus B2B Graph – the largest database of company-level digital identities – and more under-the-hood machine learning and predictive analytics to help marketers more quickly and easily scale their account-based practice across their revenue engine.

Drive Demand with Brand

“Since the rise of direct-response digital campaigns, marketers have been forced to choose between building long-term brand equity or driving short-term lead-based results,” said Bryan Brown, chief product officer at Terminus. “We want to end that dichotomy in B2B marketing by making it easier to tie every effort to the eventual customer relationship – and to measure based on mid and long-term revenue outcomes instead of just instant responses.” By now savvy marketers know that over-rotating on direct response drives tactical, conversion-focused messages while making it difficult to invest in brand value messages that drive long-term trust and loyalty.

This release addresses that challenge with a host of reporting updates that enable B2B marketers to tie more of their brand awareness activity to downstream pipeline and won revenue through innovative view-through conversion reporting at the account level. Marketers can pinpoint the moment their brand awareness advertising turned into real buyer intent, and follow the account through to purchase. Now, Terminus marketers no longer have to struggle to justify brand positioning investments over the instant gratification of direct-response lead generation tactics.

This platform update also includes under-the-hood improvements to the Terminus B2B Account Graph resulting in identifying even more anonymous web activity to the originating companies, and surfacing more digital profiles to advertise against, with improved accuracy. This further deepens the visibility marketers have into how their brand efforts are driving on-site engagement from target accounts.

Put Account Intelligence into Action with new AI-Powered Features

Deeper AI-powered capabilities come to the platform in three forms: an expanded partnership with best-in-class intent data provider, Bombora; automated Account Discovery that surfaces high-fit accounts that aren’t currently being targeted; and weekly sales emails that automatically surface the best account targets for sales outreach based on their anonymous digital behavior.

“The last few years have seen a boom in the amount of intelligence B2B marketers can access about the accounts they’re trying to target. But that data is only as good as your ability to quickly take action on it,” says Brown. “We’re designing a system that automatically ingests all that data, surfaces what’s most relevant, and lets you set up rules to take action on it automatically.”

Terminus is uniquely able, through its B2B Account Graph, to tie first-party engagement data and Bombora intent data to user’s own CRM data, enabling marketers to set up automated display and LinkedIn nurture campaigns that deliver targeted messaging at the first sign of in-market intent. Terminus is the only solution that lets marketing teams trigger outreach based on opportunity stages, first-party response and engagement data, and predictive intent data – all in a scalable and automated fashion.

Machine learning capabilities will further advance account engagement scoring models, allowing full visibility into known engagements, intent data, anonymous data and more — and provide the ability to score accounts according to their customized engagement models.

All of this powers smarter marketing decisions, better sales prioritization, and quicker action on anonymous behavior.

Improve Reporting – Measure Holistically, All in One Place

For years marketers have been tasked with complex, manual reporting systems that still fall short of holistically and accurately measuring campaign performance and digital marketing efforts.

With this release, Terminus brings an account-based view to all marketing channels and enhances ABM program measurement with the addition of trended metrics in the Account Scorecard. This enables marketers to see their impact of account-based efforts on engagement, pipeline, and revenue over time. The release also includes new influence reporting that shows pipeline coverage by marketing channel, and attribution models that enable analysis of channel impact across the customer journey at the campaign or content level.

With these enhancements, marketers can now understand which channels drive conversions and use this intelligence to assess where to focus their efforts, optimize individual ad campaigns toward conversion goals, and automatically trend their impact on account-level engagement over time.

With the latest updates to the Terminus ABM platform, Terminus is helping companies realize the vision of ABM at scale and paving the way for scalable, quality growth driven by the latest technology advancements.

To learn more about Terminus’s account-based marketing platform, please visit: Terminus ABM Platform.

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Terminus is the leader of the account-based movement and the crucial link that connects B2B marketing and sales teams with their ideal customers. The Terminus platform arms marketing teams with an account-centric platform that delivers the intelligence and automation needed to scale ABM and revolutionize the way B2B marketing is done. Hundreds of organizations worldwide, including Salesforce, GE, Verizon, 3M and CA Technologies, turn to Terminus to more effectively target, engage and grow their best-fit accounts. Terminus offers savvy marketers the technology and proven expertise to radically improve ABM strategies and campaigns, increasing ROI and producing exceptional results. For more information, visit: