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Texas-Based SmartHealth PayCard Offers Healthcare Providers and Millions of Americans Transformative Financial Solutions for Medical Expenses

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FinTech and healthcare industry pioneer SmartHealth PayCard, LLC™ is making history with the national launch of its patented SmartHealth PayCard™ Mastercard® credit card — a financial cure for healthcare.

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Native Texans and co-founders of SmartHealth PayCard, Jeff Blankinship and Paul Clampitt, are committed to eliminating the burden of medical expenses by introducing to the nation a credit card dedicated solely to healthcare. The card enables healthcare providers to be paid immediately with no fees and payment plans.

Medical expenses cause millions of Americans to skip care. According to the Commonwealth Fund and the American Journal of Public Health, 41 percent of working-age people have medical bill problems, while 2/3 of bankruptcies are tied to medical issues. SmartHealth PayCard reverses this unacceptable cycle by providing cardholders with affordable payment choices and benefits at no additional charge, including a nationwide prescription savings program, up to $5,000 Accidental Medical Expense coverage and $5,000 Accidental Death Insurance.

“Cardholders pay for health needs right away so they can live happier lives,” says Jeff Blankinship. “And healthcare providers get paid on-time, so they can focus on treating patients instead of accounts receivable.”

According to the Healthcare Financial Management Association, hospital bad debt increased to nearly $56.5 billion between 2015 and 2018. With the SmartHealth PayCard, patients can pay for high deductibles, co-pays, emergencies, dental, mental health, hearing, vision, prescriptions and more. Providers that include SmartHealth PayCard in their business strategy can add discounts to attract more patients while better serving existing ones.

“SmartHealth PayCard surpasses other financial options,“ says Paul Clampitt. “There is no fee for providers and patients enjoy a revolving credit line at substantially lower terms.”

SmartHealth PayCard is also positioned to augment the employer-driven healthcare economy, as 151 million Americans rely on healthcare coverage through an employer-sponsored health benefit plan.

“I introduced SmartHealth PayCard to my 800 workers because they deserve a safety net for medical expenses,” says Randy Murphy of Austin’s Murphy Adams Restaurant Group. “For our part-time staff, this card relieves the financial stress of medical bills.”

SmartHealth PayCard’s complete solution includes an instant revolving line of credit, a cardholder website with secure online record keeping, and text and email account alerts. We look forward to introducing exciting new features, including discounts and rewards as well as a mobile app, onto the card in the coming months as it expands its role as a financial cure for healthcare.

About SmartHealth PayCard, LLC

SmartHealth PayCard seeks to empower individuals and families with financial solutions and resources to simplify direction of care and healthcare expenses.

The team at SmartHealth PayCard has extensive experience in healthcare, insurance, government regulations, and finance. We seek to introduce transformative change to healthcare that benefits patients, healthcare providers, and society at large.