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Thanx Launches ‘Unlimited Campaigns’ for Car Washes

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Thanx, a leading provider of customer engagement and retention tools for
car washes, retailers and restaurants, today announced the launch of its
newest vertical-specific product: Unlimited Campaigns for car washes.
Through personalized, multi-channel marketing, the next-generation tools
help express and full-service car washes drastically increase unlimited
plan subscribers and reduce attrition of the unlimited plan membership

Thanx is already an industry leader in the car wash category working
with one-third of the top car washes in the country. The Unlimited
Campaigns for car washes expand on the Thanx suite of targeted
campaigns, enabling washes to identify and retain top customers while
reducing dependence on blanket promotions and the impact of seasonality.

“The creation of unlimited plans was a boon to car washes who gained
predictable subscription revenue; but for most, the majority of their
customer still remained anonymous. Thanx filled in those gaps allowing
washes to identify a far-broader swathe of customers to engage with
personally, even if not enrolled in an unlimited club — the result has
been big revenue gains for washes and great rewards for consumers,” said
Thanx CEO and Founder, Zach Goldstein. “Now with Unlimited Campaigns,
we’ve taken our tools to the next level by helping car washes convert
those loyal regulars into subscribers. Many unlimited plans had
plateaued in user growth; our Unlimited Campaigns offer an instant

Thanx is a point-of-sale agnostic solution, working directly with the
credit card networks to automatically track and reward customer
spending; the loyalty system works seamlessly with DRB, ICS and other
leading category POS systems. With reliable transaction data, Thanx
creates customer segments and helps the car wash target customers with
personalized messages. Thanx also launched Exclusive Deals last year to
enable customers to pre-purchase washes (“wash books”) directly in the
mobile application.

“Thanx is changing the game in how we create a dependable revenue stream
and increase the lifetime value of our customers through highly targeted
and relevant marketing of our unlimited plans. The outcome is more
engaged and loyal customers that return to Jacksons again and again,”
said Marketing and Operations Manager, Jackson’s Car Wash, Matthew

Thanx Unlimited Campaigns for car washes premieres a family of three
all-new targeted campaigns which allow customers to save money while the
car wash sees a guaranteed stream of revenue from members who enroll.

  • Unlimited Saver Campaign: These campaigns target existing
    customers whose spending is already above the unlimited threshold to
    upgrade them to recurring memberships. This highly flexible campaign
    can be configured with or without special offers or discounts.
  • Upgrade to Unlimited Campaign: These campaigns target existing
    customers whose spending is nearing the unlimited price threshold and
    invites them to join an unlimited plan. This highly flexible campaign
    can be configured with or without special offers or discounts.
  • Unlimited Winback Campaign: These campaigns targets previous
    subscribers who have discontinued their membership and encourages
    customers to rejoin an unlimited plan through special incentives and

For more information, please visit Thanx’s website here.

About Thanx

Thanx (
is the Customer Engagement solution for restaurants and retailers. As
the system-of-record for customer data, Thanx delivers deeper,
data-driven relationships that increase same-store sales and lifetime
value from top customers and acquires more who look like them. Creating
long-term loyalty is about far more than rewards, which is why Thanx
combines customer feedback, referral marketing and segmented,
multi-channel and real-time messaging into a single platform. As a
result, Thanx turns good customers into raving fans and measures the
impact of every customer communication in measurable incremental revenue
generated through deep integrations with credit card networks and points
of sale. Thanx was founded in 2011 and is headquartered in San
Francisco, CA. The Company is financially backed by some of the best
venture capitalists in the industry including Sequoia Capital.