Press release

The 2nd International Intelligent Medical and Intellectual Property Summit & ICI Annual Meeting Was Held Successfully

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During May 30-31, the 2nd International Intelligent Medical
and Intellectual Property Summit & ICI Annual Meeting were held in the Zhongguancun Dongsheng
 and Technology Park. Powerful support was
rendered to the event by the Beijing Association for International
Science & Technology Cooperation and Beijing Technology Market
Association. Leaders from the Beijing Municipal Science & Technology
Torch High Technology Industry Development Center
Ministry of Science and Technology and Zhongguancun Haidian
Science Park presented themselves at the opening ceremony and addressed
the conference.

The ideal to be aimed at is to promote the closer integration of
innovation resources, establish a professional exchange platform and
facilitate the industrial synergy between international cutting-edge
technology and innovative businesses and the Chinese ecology of
innovation and entrepreneurship. Experts, businesses and organizations
from 15 countries participated in the event, with a view to promoting
the international technology and industrialization of smart healthcare.
During the event, the Berkeley Center for Law & Technology (BCLT) at the
University of California and the China Cooperation Base of Dongsheng
 and Technology Park jointly held the signing
and opening ceremony.

Present at the ceremony were Professor Robert Merges, founder of the
Berkeley Center for Law & Technology (BCLT) at the University of
California, Mark cohen, the project leader (China) of the BCLT,
Fang(Helen)Liu, an alumnus of the Berkeley School of Law and a leader of
Beijing Broad & Bright Law Firm and the management of Zhongguancun Dongsheng
 and Technology Park. So was born the BCLT in

At the conference, Dongshenghongtai (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. and
the ICI of Beijing One Belt One Road held the signing ceremony of the
“Industrial Acceleration Platform for International Intelligent
Medical.” It is against this backdrop that projects of the Belt-and-Road
Countries will be soft-landing in China. Service website is

Relying on the Zhongguancun Dongsheng Science and
Technology Park, DongshengHongtai(DHT)has been
dedicating itself to pooling world-class resources of technical
innovation and rendering support to the settlement of international
projects and innovative businesses in China—like artificial
intelligence, medical robots, biotechnology, sophisticated medical
devices and elderly healthcare.

The event received widespread media coverage by China News, China Daily,
Science and Technology Daily, Sina, Netease, China Beijing TV Station.