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The Aliera Companies Launches TacticEdge Solutions for Brokers and Issuers

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The Aliera Companies, a holding and management company that provides compliance, accounting, human resources, and training services to its subsidiaries, today announced the launch of a new subsidiary, TacticEdge Solutions. The company develops technology platforms for brokers and issuers which improves profitability and customer lifecycle management.

TacticEdge provides electronic data interchange (EDI) integration between members, employers, issuers, and third-party administrators for processing individual and employer group enrollment plans. It also offers a comprehensive suite of IT billing services, which collects member enrollment fees, premiums, and contributions and generates invoices, bills, delinquent, and cancellation notices, among other accounting and payment support.

“TacticEdge Solutions’ cloud-based technology platforms help transform complex data into actionable insights,” said Shantanu Paul, chief operating officer of The Aliera Companies. “As a result, brokers and issuers are able to make better informed, more timely decisions to achieve operational objectives and streamline workflows. Unlike competing technologies, the company’s solutions can be tailored to suit most any need with a user-friendly interface that maximizes productivity.”

In addition, TacticEdge offers personalized, full-service customer support for technology integrations and ongoing systems management. It provides a full range of customer services including, member onboarding and post-enrollment implementation, member support, telephony services, program change notifications, and escalation and retention solutions.

About The Aliera Companies

Headquartered in Atlanta, Ga., The Aliera Companies supports multiple wholly-owned subsidiaries with a combination of services dedicated to providing innovative solutions that simplify and redefine the health care experience. The flexible structure and highly experienced management team afford each subsidiary the opportunity to scale quickly, diversify and grow. The company employs more than 400, with operations in Atlanta and Dallas. For more information, visit

About TacticEdge Solutions

TacticEdge Solutions is an Atlanta, Ga.-based developer of customizable, user-friendly technology platforms that transform complex data into actionable insights for brokers and issuers. A subsidiary of The Aliera Companies, TacticEdge provides clients with EDI processing, billing services and personalized customer support to streamline management of the customer lifecycle. For more information, visit