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The Behavioral Investing Institute Expands Advisor Training Program through Syntoniq Partnership

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The Behavioral Investing Institute proudly announces today its partnership with Syntoniq, creator of the my3B assessment tool and a provider of behavioral finance and risk assessment technology. The Behavioral Investing Institute is a multifaceted behavioral training and coaching service for financial advisors, sponsored and offered by Toews Asset Management.

Advisors working with the Behavioral Investing Institute will get access to Syntoniq’s my3B™ assessment for client use. These advisors will also receive hands-on training to help them unlock the potential of this assessment, enabling them to potentially improve their client relationships and develop a deeper understanding of client tendencies and behaviors.

The my3B assessment is a distinct behavioral finance tool. My3B combines years of scientific research, client testing and refinement to offer a risk assessment and behavioral finance guide. The psychometric profiling tool can help clients and advisors uncover and understand their biases, behaviors and blind spots through a multistep assessment that takes roughly 10 minutes to complete. Alongside a report that maps out the findings and potential implications, it also produces a dynamic behavioral risk range. This numerical range helps advisors understand the appetite for risk of their clients, without confining them to a singular number.

“Working with Syntoniq was a natural fit for us because we want advisors to have a tool more sophisticated than a basic risk tolerance questionnaire that may just assess how a client feels about risk in the moment and may be influenced by recent market activity. Psychometric profiling on the other hand can identify biases that may lend to potentially harmful decisions around their investment portfolios,” said Dan Kullman, director of education training at the Behavioral Investing Institute. “At the core of our program, we want to enable advisors to have deeper connections with clients and get to the root of understanding client behaviors and tendencies. Many risk assessment tools only skim the surface, but Syntoniq dives deep in a way that we haven’t seen before. We want to offer our advisors cutting-edge technology and we feel that Syntoniq helps fulfill that goal.”

“Our assessment tool was designed to enable advisors to reinvent the client experience,” added Brian Pasalich, co-founder and chief executive officer of Syntoniq. “Time and time again, advisors tell us that my3B has led to conversations they’ve always wanted to have with clients. Our tool allows them to open the door for these discussions. Through our assessment, not only do advisors better understand their clients, clients can begin to better understand themselves. No advisor can effectively offer guidance if the client is not in tune with their own goals and biases.”

Alongside the Syntoniq my3B assessment, the Behavioral Investing Institute is soon launching the Goalkeeper, a goals-based planning tool; and currently provides the Decision Matrix, which seeks to help clients understand how much certain variables could affect their decision-making process. As it grows, the Behavioral Investing Institute will seek to make additional upgrades to its offerings for advisors.

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About Toews Asset Management:

Toews Asset Management is an SEC-registered investment advisor founded in 1994. Most investors hope to avoid losses and realize growth. Toews builds portfolios that primarily seek to reduce risk of loss in crisis environments, as well as attempt to participate in market gains. Our process is not based on subjective or predictive methodology. It has used a heavily researched and price-reactive algorithm since 1996 that provides a signal for investment exit and re-entry points. The Behavioral Investing Institute is a coaching program sponsored and offered by Toews Asset Management, which is a for-profit entity that is registered as an investment advisor with the Securities Exchange Commission and is not an educational institution.

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About Syntoniq:

At Syntoniq, we empower individuals to better understand their financial decision-making, creating better outcomes. We do this by building fun, engaging, and insight-driven tech solutions backed by cutting-edge research in behavioral finance and decision science.

Our team of experts have complementary backgrounds and 120+ years combined experience in social psychology, behavioral economics, financial advisory, and investment management, with a common passion of applying behavioral finance for the greater good.

Our target clientele includes financial services institutions such as Wealth Advisory, Investment Management, Banks, Insurance and fintech platforms.

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