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The Collaborative Robot Market is Increasingly Competitive, with Traditional Robot Manufacturers Playing Catch Up as New Players Enter the Market, According to Tractica

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The global collaborative robotics (cobot) market is experiencing a
strong growth trend that is being driven by factors such as efficiency,
quality, and automation of production. According to Tractica,
cobots are being adopted in companies large and small, looking to
assuage labor shortages and meet the demand for high mix/low volume

The benefits of lower costs, increased safety, greater flexibility,
rapid setup, and easier training are driving factors for global cobot
demand. Traditional robot makers are moving to meet this demand by
adapting existing robots or developing and offering new cobots. This
trend is a reaction to competition from cobot startups that established
the cobot category and have begun to eat into the market share of
traditional robots. According to Tractica senior analyst, Glenn Sanders,
“The cobot market will be fairly crowded until it begins to mature and
consolidate. The industry will see growing diversity in the coming years
as startups bring their unique cobots to market to serve various
applications.” Tractica expects demand to grow rapidly as more companies
realize the benefits of cobots, find new uses for them, and adopt them
for their processes.

Tractica’s report, “Collaborative
Robots Market Radar
,” examines six leading companies in the cobot
industry that should be on your radar – ABB, FANUC, Kawasaki, Rethink,
Techman and Universal Robots. It discusses the crucial market drivers,
challenges, and industry applications for their products and provides a
heatmap that illustrates some of their relative strengths.
Recommendations for vendors and end users are also included. An
Executive Summary of the report is available for free download on the
firm’s website.

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