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The Crypto Company Ex-CEO Mike Poutre Launches TERRAFORM CAPITAL

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The founding CEO of The Crypto Company, one of the first publicly traded companies investing in blockchain, has formed a specialized hedge fund to directly invest in businesses associated with distributed ledger technologies. Mike Poutre, a three-time CEO of publicly traded companies, and Ryan Fabian, a former cryptography specialist at the US Air Force Intelligence and the National Security Agency, have been appointed as General Partners at Terraform Capital LLC, a California-based hedge fund with traditional limited partner structure.

Before the extraordinary rise and subsequent interest in blockchain in the summer of 2017, Poutre co-founded one of the first public vehicles making substantive equity investments in the space. As the first public company in the United States to take digital currency in consideration for stock, The Crypto Company made history, and its own equity market capitalization soared when digital assets reached their peak valuation to-date in January 2018. The vantage point as CEO of a high profile public company rapidly provided Poutre with an unparalleled perspective and critical connectivity within the inner workings of the blockchain industry. Terraform Capital was subsequently founded to properly take advantage of this singular situation, providing discerning accredited and qualified investors with access to unique dealflow.

“We are launching the first fund for Terraform Capital having already made investments into remarkable companies. Our existing portfolio companies are transforming the way governments offer bonds and accelerating the way institutional trading works across asset classes,” said Mike Poutre, co-founder and Managing Partner at Terraform Capital. “As some of the most experienced professional investors in blockchain, we share a duty to continually source, diligence, and come to beneficial terms with exciting companies led by management teams that uphold our values and who have the best chance of becoming long term, sustainable successes.”

Ryan Fabian, co-founder and partner, added, “At Terraform, we define ourselves as a new brand of activist investor: one willing to invest much more than money to assist our portfolio companies in their individual missions. The expertise and connectivity earned throughout our professional careers is put to work every day on behalf of our partners and LPs.”

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