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The End of Floating PDFs Grows Near: RedCrow Investment Platform Launches The MainStage, A New Virtual Living Deal Room Service for Startups

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The team behind direct investment platform RedCrow has launched The MainStage, an easy-to-use, compliant service that vastly improves the experience for entrepreneurs seeking private investors. Lauded by Forbes, Inc., and Barrons, RedCrow was one of the first American companies to democratize access to investment for healthcare startups. Their new spinoff, The MainStage, empowers startup founders in every industry with carefully architected “virtual deal rooms” that thoughtfully tell the company story and showcase relevant materials to investors in a password-protected and compliant format.

The coronavirus outbreak has slowed venture capital, forcing entrepreneurs through an arduous process to raise money. Typically, startup founders and prospective investors trade emails with relevant documentation, a business plan, a PowerPoint presentation. On average, investors only spend three minutes reviewing these archaic documents; the overall process lacks the vibrancy, clarity and detail required to make a funding decision. Moreover, as pitch decks tend to change over time, the circulation of a static PDF could lead to violations of securities laws.

Jerry Harrison, Co-Founder and Chairman of The MainStage and member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, said: “It is essential for companies in every vertical to have a compliant, streamlined way to connect with their investors. Regardless of their size or funding stage, the pandemic has made it even tougher for startups to grow. With personal meetings on hold, online tools have become the life blood of the investment process. The MainStage’s purely digital dealroom effectively and creatively brings a brand to life.

The MainStage offers a breakthrough solution: a living, breathing virtual deal room where startups can seamlessly update and share exciting content online, an effective replacement for emailing a PDF pitch deck. The MainStage offers neatly organized video content creation tools, like product demonstration or brand tutorials, that facilitate engaging storytelling and provide an opportunity for startups to establish meaningful connections with investors.

Brian Smith, Co-Founder and CEO of The MainStage, said: “The MainStage’s versatile toolkit empowers companies to effectively communicate their unique value propositions. Our resources open the door for them to seamlessly tell their story in a whole new way.”

Investors that pilot The MainStage will find they are able to better perceive and evaluate a company, as the platform showcases information beyond traditional facts and figures, delving into historical context and the overall company story.

Mike Walsh, founder of VC fund Structure Capital, said: “It is extremely important for investors to get a sense of a company in mere minutes. The MainStage facilitates this with ease by improving the efficiency of connecting companies with potential investors, and providing a more compelling way for investors to view pitches.”

The MainStage’s subscription model starts at just $499 for initial setup, and then falls to $199 per month thereafter, with no cancellation fees or other restrictions.