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The Financial Times Recognizes SimpliGov on Shortlist for Innovation in Government Workflow Automation

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SimpliGov, a leading provider of government-focused digital solutions for online forms and workflow automation, today announced that the Financial Times has shortlisted SimpliGov for distinction in government workflow automation.

California’s Office of the Secretary of State and the County of Sonoma nominated SimpliGov for the prestigious Financial Times award program based on successful implementations of innovative government workflow automation projects, respectively. SimpliGov is a finalist in multiple award categories, while the co-founder of SimpliGov, Paul Hirner, has been nominated for an award as an “Individual Market Shaper.”

“Our county’s innovative collaboration with SimpliGov gave us the digital data-sharing and automation capabilities to engage citizens experiencing complex health and life challenges, such as homelessness and behavioral health, to achieve better outcomes,” said Carolyn Staats, Director of Innovation, Information Systems Department at Sonoma County, CA. “The SimpliGov workflow automation platform helps our county automate consent at various points of service, accelerating the provisioning of county services and resulting in substantial savings.”

Staats and Hirner will be co-presenting at the Financial Times’ Intelligent Business Forum on October 22 in San Francisco on the topic of “Intelligent collaboration: a healthcare gamechanger.”

“It is an honor for SimpliGov and myself to be recognized by the Financial Times as finalists in this world-renowned award program,” said Paul Hirner, co-founder of SimpliGov. “Finding a better way is at the heart of innovation, which is what drives SimpliGov to continue to partner with governments to advance government digital transformation.”

SimpliGov is a cloud-based government automation platform enabling government agencies to automate processes and workflows in record time, without coding. With the SimpliGov platform, governments gain significant time to value, as well as eliminate the need for long and costly implementations and avoid any need to rip and replace existing infrastructure.

The SimpliGov platform is an advancement compared to complex, code-intensive solutions, or “freemium” point products that lack the robustness, flexible features and scalability that SimpliGov delivers.

Gary Leikin, CEO of SimpliGov, said, “SimpliGov offers a better way for governments to automate processes and forms with a no-code, easy-to-use solution on a proven platform that has been in use for years. By accelerating the delivery of critical services to constituents, the SimpliGov platform increases constituent engagement and drives government digital transformation.”

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