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The Learning Corp Secures Its First Patent as Users Complete 100 Million Exercises in Therapy App

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Learning Corp
, a next generation digital therapeutics company, today
announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)
issued U.S. Patent #10,283,006 covering the process the company and its
products use to deliver personalized digital therapy.

The patent was secured as the company marked a major milestone: users of
its flagship Constant
app have now completed 100 million exercises as part of a
recovery plan to regain cognitive and speech skills after a stroke or
brain injury, or as a result of a neurological condition such as

covers the underlying technology at the heart of the
company’s products and services, including aspects of its AI-based Neuro
Performance EngineTM (NPE). The NPE presents—and constantly
adjusts—tasks or exercises based on the user’s past performance data,
and on performance data from thousands of other users who are living
with the same condition. Personalized tasks or exercises are delivered
to the user at the right time, appropriately targeted to the therapy and
recovery process and the user’s goals. With 100 million exercises
completed, The Learning Corp has created the world’s largest database of
brain rehabilitation data to advance the science of brain recovery.

“Our dream was to use advanced technology and real world evidence to put
recovery in users’ hands,” said Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer
Veera Anantha. “This patent confirms that what we’ve developed and
brought to market is truly unique. We can now securely make our
technology available to partners, and bring even more benefit to future
products and conditions.”

About The Learning Corp and Constant Therapy
The Learning
Corp is a next-generation digital therapeutics company that believes
technology can improve access to therapy, reduce the cost of delivering
it, and ultimately increase the efficacy of therapy. We developed
Constant Therapy, an award-winning mobile app designed for people with
brain injury or cognitive disorders that gives them direct access to
exercises that can rebuild their cognitive and speech functions. Founded
in science and built by a team of top neuroscientists and clinicians at
Boston University, Constant Therapy has already been used by tens of
thousands of patients who have helped us create the world’s largest
brain rehabilitation database, and the insights that can improve the
effectiveness, efficiency and delivery of brain rehabilitation. More
information at The
Learning Corp
and on Facebook,
and LinkedIn.