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The LSU Health Network Partners With Ninety One Inc. to Bring Artificial Intelligence and Precision Medicine to Cardiology in the Fight Against Covid-19

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In response to Covid-19, the LSU Health Network will be the first healthcare system in the southeast to bring Ninety One’s advanced algorithms and technologies to assist with analysis of complex medical data for cardiology patients. “The primary aim of the partnership between LSU Health Network and Ninety One is to apply advanced technologies and AI-driven applications in analyzing relationships between treatment techniques, patient outcomes, and prevention, in an effort to bring the highest level of cardiac care to Louisiana, despite the challenges presented by Covid-19. At the same time, this will help us reduce costs and the overall burden on the state and federal systems,” said Dr. Frank Smart, Chief of the Section of Cardiology and Professor of Medicine at LSU School of Medicine.

Covid-19 is proving detrimental to cardiac patients in large numbers. In New York City, a poll by showed an 800% increase! in cardiac arrest deaths at home. Even in the face of death, these patients hesitate to visit already overcrowded ERs for fear of catching the virus,” said Dr. Eleonora Gashi, an Interventional Cardiologist from New York and Co-founder at Ninety One.

Our platform empowers doctors to achieve highly accurate conclusions based on collective intelligence from big data, at a fraction of cost and time. We expect 5-yr mortality reduction to be significantly over the 50% level proven by previous studies on cardiac remote monitoring. There has never been a more urgent time for fusing advanced mathematics with high technology and medical science to forge ahead with real-time, precision medicine, and we are thrilled to partner with LSU as a leading institution in this front,” said Bleron Baraliu, Co-founder and CEO of Ninety One.

Our solution is a cloud-native, HIPAA compliant, SaaS application that automates remote collection, digitization, structuring, and analysis of data from implanted cardiac devices and wearables. It is designed to eliminate errors, minimize uncertainty, and greatly enhance the tool set and experience of doctors and staff in order to improve the quality of care they provide to patients from anywhere at any time,” concluded Matthew Werner, Chief Commercial Officer at Ninety One.

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About Ninety One

Ninety One, is a data-science and cloud-native technology company, coupling AI models with state-of-the-art technologies to automate remote monitoring of implantable cardiac devices, wearables, and beyond. Ninety One focused on clinical advancement in predictive analytics and Precision Medicine, and has established key partnerships with leading research and healthcare institutions in the United States, Europe, and Asia.

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