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 The Myers-Briggs Company Cuts Bandwidth Cost by Two-Thirds, Reduces On-Premises Data Center Footprint by 70% with ClearSky Data’s On-Demand Service

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ClearSky Data, provider of on-demand primary storage with built-in offsite backup and disaster recovery (DR) as a service, today announced that The Myers-Briggs Company is using ClearSky’s service in the United States and will soon deploy it for the company’s U.K. office. The Myers-Briggs Company, a global provider of people development solutions for individuals, organizations and educational institutions, is most commonly known for its Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment.

ClearSky is delivering its storage service for Myers-Briggs in California with plans for expansion to additional markets. Additionally, The Myers-Briggs Company will be migrating portions of its data center infrastructure into Equinix facilities.

ClearSky and Equinix announced a partnership in November that creates a hybrid data fabric over the Equinix global platform, with ClearSky providing the data layer. As a result, organizations can radically simplify data management and make data available anywhere, while simultaneously cutting costs and accelerating both cloud and edge computing deployments.

Ditching the storage hardware buying cycle

“I’ll only consider a new technology once I know it can do three things: reduce complexity, cut costs and increase performance,” said Michael Johnson, director of global infrastructure at The Myers-Briggs Company.

In addition to meeting all the criteria, ClearSky:

  • Offers flash performance for primary storage with fully automated data protection;
  • Provides recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs) measured in minutes; and
  • Reduces total cost of ownership for storage by at least 50%.

With ClearSky Data, The Myers-Briggs Company has been able to move away from its backup and replication software, cut its bandwidth costs by two-thirds, and reduce the total data center rack space by 70%.

“I’ll never have to buy storage again,” Johnson said. “I also no longer need to buy backup software, manage replication systems or provision storage for data protection. ClearSky has really streamlined our infrastructure, and it’s cost effective. Eliminating our backup software and all-flash arrays alone more than paid for the ClearSky service. This is the future of storage.”

Deploying digital infrastructure anywhere

Moving The Myers-Briggs Company’s infrastructure into Equinix IBX data centers also reduces costs, and now Johnson can move virtual machines (VMs) in real time across multiple metros within Platform Equinix®. Platform Equinix is comprised of more than 200 IBX data centers across 52 markets and 24 countries, providing data center and interconnection services for more than 9,800 of the world’s leading businesses, including all the major public clouds. Together, Equinix and ClearSky Data enable Myers-Briggs to move compute wherever the company desires and connect it to ClearSky storage.

“With ClearSky providing the data layer,” said Steve Steinhilber, Global Vice President, Ecosystem Development at Equinix, “organizations like The Myers-Briggs Company gain flexibility to deploy digital infrastructure anywhere on Platform Equinix.”

ClearSky Data CEO Ellen Rubin said, “The Myers-Briggs Company is providing a roadmap for CIOs who want to radically simplify IT operations and get out of the business of managing on- prem infrastructure, which was the original promise of the cloud. Enterprises can now leverage Equinix’s global interconnection platform combined with ClearSky’s on-demand storage service to achieve true infrastructure independence.”

About ClearSky Data

ClearSky Data delivers on-demand primary storage with offsite backup and disaster recovery (DR) as a single service. Enterprises pay for their data once and gain access to it anywhere it is needed – on-premises or in the cloud. IT is empowered to stop doing backup, replication and DR, and to access all data as if it were local, with on-demand scaling and agility. ClearSky Data delivers data where it’s needed, enterprise-ready and fully optimized to eliminate the cost and data center footprint of traditional storage solutions. For more information, follow ClearSky (@clearskydata) or visit

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