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The National Institute for STEM Education Is Named the Online Education Solution Provider of the Year in the EdTech Breakthrough Awards

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The National
Institute for STEM Education
(NISE) has been selected as the winner
of the “Online Education Solution Provider of the Year” award in the
2019 EdTech Breakthrough

“Our goal with the EdTech Breakthrough Awards program is to recognize
the educational technology innovators, leaders and visionaries from
around the world,” said James Johnson, managing director, EdTech
Breakthrough. “We received compelling award nominations from all over
the world, from early-stage startups to industry veterans and leaders,
and we clearly see that the EdTech market is driving innovative
approaches and technologies to address the most challenging issues
facing education today. We extend a hearty congratulations to our
inaugural EdTech Breakthrough Award winners.”

NISE was selected from among more than 1,500 nominations, which were
evaluated by an independent panel of edtech industry experts. Through
its research-based professional development programs, NISE focuses on
high-impact STEM instructional strategies that work synergistically
across content areas in preK-12 classrooms. In addition to onsite,
customized professional development, NISE offers affordable,
evidence-based, online solutions for educators. These include the National
Certificate for STEM Teaching
(NCST) and Micro
for educators, and National
Certificate for STEM Excellence
(NCSE) for school campuses.

“We’re thrilled to be recognized for our work in providing educators
with professional development that is research-based, personalized, and
immediately applicable in their classrooms,” said Judy Zimny, Ed.D.,
vice president of NISE. “It’s been incredibly rewarding to see teachers
enhance their STEM teaching and grow as STEM leaders, and to see
campuses transform their cultures and raise student achievement.”

More than 2,000 educators have participated in the NCST with almost
1,000 having completed the program to date. In addition, approximately
50 percent of NCST graduates have enrolled in graduate STEM programs in
NISE’s partner university, American
College of Education

About NISE

NISE is more than a certifying body. It is a research-based support
system for campuses and teachers seeking to strengthen STEM instruction
and outcomes. Based on 15 STEM Teacher Actions that evolved from STEM
professional development originally created at Rice University, NISE’s
Campus, Teacher and Micro Certificates help educators understand and
apply research-based, best practices in STEM, 21st-century learning, and
professional development. For information, visit