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The UV Box from AUVS Achieves Approval for Infection Control with Spectralink Versity Smartphone

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Spectralink, a leader in enterprise mobile solutions, and Advanced Ultra-Violet Systems (AUVS), today announced approval of the AUVS UV Box for use with Spectralink Versity mobile phones. The UV Box provides a unique infection control system to protect patients and staff from pathogens, reduce hospital-acquired Infections (HAI) and support healthcare infection prevention protocols when used in conjunction with the Spectralink Versity enterprise smartphone.

“Smartphones are universally used for communication and data exchange in hospitals, but they are also a method of cross-contamination of bacteria and pathogens. Healthcare providers are seeking more effective solutions to protect patients and clinicians,” said Bill Foster, Director of Healthcare Business Development, Spectralink. “Spectralink and AUVS are addressing these needs directly by arming healthcare providers with AUVS’s patented UV technology protecting Spectralink devices, delivering a kill rate greater than 99.99 percent for the toughest contaminants, including MRSA and C. diff. spores.”

UV Cleaning Technology for Mobile Devices

In a medical environment, UV germicidal enclosures are employed as an additional safeguard against HAI. Becoming widely referred to as The UV Box, the AUVS KR615 fills the gaps in hospitals’ infection prevention protocols, working continuously between terminal cleanings, and providing a better option than wipes. Although ultraviolet light destroys bacteria, it is also known to damage plastics and other materials. Therefore, before approving the use of UV enclosures for disinfection of its Versity smartphones, Spectralink Labs conducted extensive testing to determine durability of the devices when exposed to UV rays under typical medical conditions.

Versity was tested with the AUVS KR615, as a medical-grade UV enclosure specifically designed for disinfecting mobile devices. Typical medical conditions were simulated. Due to its superior plastic enclosure and precision manufacturing, Versity exceeded performance expectations and retained full functionality and integrity throughout the tests. Spectralink can, therefore, approve UV enclosures for disinfecting Versity when they are used according to manufacturer guidelines.

Two Leading-Edge Technologies. One Exceptional Solution.

Purposely built for the rigors and requirements of today’s healthcare workflows and working environments, the Versity smartphone delivers enterprise-grade performance, superior voice quality, and proven reliability in a durable, slim, lightweight design that is easy to carry and use.

AUVS’s UV Box augments these capabilities with a solution clinically proven to reduce the risk of HAIs. “We are extremely excited about this next level of partnership,” explains AUVS’s President and Founder Jim Psihas. “The Spectralink Versity platform is testing the boundaries of today’s enterprise devices, and the certification of our infection prevention solution will provide significant protection for patients, clinicians and hospital visitors from dangerous contaminants, while protecting the facility’s investments in Spectralink Versity.”

Contact us to set up an appointment for a demo of UV Box with Spectralink Versity or visit us at booth 4679 at HIMSS.

About Advanced Ultra-Violet Systems (AUVS)

AUVS was established to leverage the significant benefits of UV in infection prevention. Working with our patented technologies, the company’s mission is to provide Hospitals, Long-Term Care facilities, Emergency Medical Service providers, Food Processing, FoodService and all industries with affordable solutions to successfully combat infections spread through contact with high-touch handheld devices. The KR615 germicidal enclosure – aka The UV Box – is the company’s flagship UV device. For further information visit or call 716-525-2127.

About Spectralink

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