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The Wyatt FOCO Becomes First Fully Connected Community Powered by Xfinity Communities Smart Home Automation Solution

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Xfinity Communities today announced that The Wyatt FOCO is the first smart, connected community in Colorado to offer residents and WestCorp Management Group the ability to control their home automation devices from a mobile app. Xfinity Communities offers a smart home platform for residents and property managers that brings home automation into the multifamily market.

Smart home technologies ease the life of the property manager and residents, while helping to reduce overall costs. Smart locks eliminate rekeying costs, which can be upwards of $50 per unit, if residents lose a key or are locked out; while smart thermostats and lighting present energy cost saving opportunities for residents and managers. Additionally, water leak detectors are one of the most important devices to implement, given the exorbitant damage costs of water leaks, plus the ensuing disruption and frustration to residents during remediation.

“Xfinity Communities continues to push the innovation boundaries with its commitment to providing smart community and home solutions that benefit both the resident and property manager,” said Adrian Adriano VP of Strategic Business Initiatives at Xfinity Communities. “In addition to lights, locks and thermostat controls, we found that leak detection is the most sought-after smart home monitoring solution. Moving forward, we plan to connect even more smart home devices to our app for Xfinity Communities properties across the country.”

At The Wyatt FOCO, a new 12-building smart community, offering 368 luxury units to individuals and families in the Fort Collins area, the app from Xfinity Communities is part of the comprehensive resident amenity package, providing these top smart home technologies. The Wyatt FOCO is the first property to utilize the full smart, connected living experience of thermostats, lighting, locks and leak detectors from Xfinity Communities. Earlier this year, Xfinity Communities previously launched more limited packages of smart home devices at several properties in Chicago with great success.

“The platform from Xfinity Communities simplifies our daily property management tasks as we no longer need to manually visit each vacant unit to ensure the temperature is set correctly or to double check that the faucet is not dripping,” said Estefania Amaya of WestCorp, the property management company for The Wyatt FOCO. “Rather, we can remotely control these items – for both individual units and the common areas – from our office. This allows us to have more time to interact with residents and focus on our business management tasks.”

When residents move into their unit, the property manager transfers control of the locks, lights and thermostats, so residents can manage these directly from their mobile device. Property managers and residents can both monitor water leak detectors.

“When we worked with our development group to design The Wyatt FOCO, we envisioned a community that would provide residents with resort-style amenities, including the latest technology solutions,” said Jacob Steele of Terra Development Group. “We worked directly with the Xfinity Communities team to create a high-performance package that encompasses Internet and entertainment options across the property as well as individualized smart home applications that benefit both the resident and our property managers.”

In addition to the Xfinity Communities app, residents will benefit from the Advanced Communities Network which provides high-performance Internet, streaming content and entertainment services. These services are in high demand as community amenities. According to a recent Xfinity Communities report, “Product & Amenities Research,” Internet and streaming entertainment services are a significant service to all age groups when selecting a residence and smart technologies and connected living experiences are of even greater importance to Millennials.

“When I selected The Wyatt FOCO for my residence, it was the unique amenities package that set it apart from other communities in the area. The ability to remotely control my unit from an app offers a greater sense of comfort and knowing that the Internet can handle both my work-from-home and study needs, as well as stream content without a glitch was an added benefit,” said Jack Waldon, resident at The Wyatt FOCO.

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