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Three More Companies Approved as CBRS Certified Professional Installer Training Program Administrators by Wireless Innovation Forum

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Wireless Innovation Forum
(WInnForum) a non-profit international
industry association dedicated to driving the future of radio
communications and systems worldwide, today announced that Commscope,
Federated Wireless, and Google have joined Nokia as approved as
Certified Professional Installer (CPI) Training Program Administrators
for the new Citizen’s Broadband Radio Service (CBRS) band. As specified
in WINNF-TS-0247,
CPIs are responsible for assuring that the installation data entered
into the Spectrum Access System (SAS) for certain types of CBRS devices
is accurate and the device valid to be registered and request a spectrum
grant to operate. Through this program, 20 plus professional installers
have already been certified.

“Certification of professional installers is a critical element for the
upcoming Initial Commercial Deployment,” said Richard Bernhardt, of
WISPA and chair of the CBRS Operations Working Group within the Forum.
“Establishment of the certification program is one of the final steps
toward full launch of the CBRS band.”

In addition to now having approved these four CPI Training Program
Administrators (,
the WInnForum has also approved three Certificate Authorities (CA) (

  • Digicert
  • Insta
  • Kryio

These organizations facilitate the implementation of Public Key
Infrastructure (PKI) established by the WInnForum in the CBRS
Communications Security Technical Specification (WINNF-TS-0065)
and the CBRS Certificate Policy Specification (WIINNF-TS-0022).
This infrastructure is critical in ensuring the integrity of CBRS and
protection of the incumbents.

The Forum has also approved 11 CBSD Test Labs (

  • Bureau Veritas Consumer Products Services (Hong Kong) Ltd., Taoyuan
  • DEKRA Certification Inc.
  • Nemko (multiple approved locations)
  • Nokia Global Product Compliance Laboratory
  • PCTEST Engineering Laboratory, Inc.
  • Sporton International Inc.
  • Sporton International (USA) Inc.
  • UL Verification Services Inc

In order to be FCC certified to operate in the CBRS Band, an equipment
manufacturer will need to show that their CBSD can communicate with a
SAS and follow its directives as per Part 96. The CBRS ecosystem has
developed standards in the WInnForum supporting SAS to CBSD
communication (WINNF-TS-0016).
In addition, the WInnForum CBRS Test and Certification Task Group has
developed a test specification (WINNF-TS-0122)
and a test harness supporting that standard. Successful completion of
the defined tests provides evidence of Part 96 compliance in this area.
The WInnForum has approved these test labs to perform these tests,
resulting in more than 20 certified CBSDs to date.

“The members of the WInnForum have established these accreditation
programs to support the common needs of the CBRS community,” said Lee
Pucker, CEO of the Wireless Innovation Forum. These programs, when
combined with the technology registration for air interfaces (,
measurement types (,
and grouping parameters (,
extend the standards to provide complete support for commercialization.

Operating as a multi-stakeholder group as defined by the FCC in the
Report and Orders for Part
to create the technical rules and industry standardized
interfaces for the band, WInnForum Spectrum Sharing Committee (SSC)
members have created a number of CBRS reports and specifications which
are available at

The SSC benefits from participation of a broad-based stakeholder group
that includes wireless carriers and operators, network equipment
manufacturers, SAS and ESC Administrators, satellite operators, existing
3650-3700 MHz band licensees, and other parties with an interest in the
CBRS band. A complete listing of the reports, recommendations and
specifications produced by WInnForum members can be found here:

Individuals or organizations wishing to participate in WInnForum Working
Groups should contact Lee Pucker at

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