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Thruvision People Screening Technology to be Trialed in London Underground Station to Detect Knives in Public Places

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Thruvision, the leading provider of next-generation people-screening solutions, today announced that its units will be deployed at Stratford Underground Station in East London for a trial aimed at detecting concealed knives. The five-day trial is part of a British Government effort to eliminate knife crime.

Thruvision’s passive terahertz technology is already vetted and approved by the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and is in operation with Los Angeles Metro. Other successful railway station trials have been completed in New York and Washington DC.

Thruvision’s specialized technology will enable British Transport Police officers to identify concealed knives, without interfering with travel flow, eliminating the need for physical searches or pat-downs. Thruvision technology works by showing the size, shape and location of any concealed items that block a person’s body heat.

Thruvision is completely safe, respectful and non-intrusive. It does not show any intimate body parts and it is impossible to tell an individual’s identity, gender, age or ethnicity from the images it produces.

“We are proud to be working with British Transport Police on this critical initiative, and we are confident our safe and non-intrusive technology can assist the police in tackling knife crime in the UK,” said Colin Evans, CEO of Thruvision. “Our technology uniquely overcomes a key security challenge inherent to rail and underground networks – effectively detecting concealed weapons while maintaining travel flow through often congested stations.”

The London trial has been funded by the British Government’s Home Office. Further details can be found by visiting

About Thruvision

Thruvision is the leading provider of next-generation people-screening technology. Using patented passive terahertz technology, Thruvision is uniquely capable of detecting metallic and non-metallic threats including weapons, explosives and contraband items that are hidden under clothing at distances up to 25ft. Addressing the growing need for fast, safe and effective security, Thruvision has been vetted and approved by the U.S. Transportation Security Administration. More than 250 units have been deployed worldwide in 19 countries over the last five years for applications including mass transit and aviation security, facilities and public area protection, customs, and border control and supply chain loss prevention. Thruvision has offices in Washington, D.C. and near Oxford, England. For more information, please visit