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Thruvision to Develop User Interface to Enable Deployment at US Airports

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Thruvision, the provider of fast, safe and respectful people security
screening solutions, today announced it has won a contract from the
Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to develop new user
interface software for its passive terahertz people-screening
technology. The contract is intended ensure Thruvision compliance with
federal regulation 49 CFR 1540.107(d), part of FAA Modernization and
Reform Act of 2012, which mandates standards for all people-screening
technology used at U.S. airport checkpoints.

“Thruvision security screening equipment has been deployed
internationally for years because of the tremendous privacy and safety
benefit of its passive terahertz technology,” said Kevin Gramer, Vice
President of Thruvision, Americas. “Our technology is now a candidate
for use at U.S. airports specifically because of those benefits.
Thruvision provides fast, safe and respectful screening for all
travelers including women, children, men, the elderly, mobility
challenged, and transgender individuals. Our aim is to reduce queues and
remove the need for physical searches in U.S. airports and we look
forward to working with the TSA to help achieve this.”

Thruvision’s people screening technology can quickly and unobtrusively
screen passengers at distances up to 25 feet using passive terahertz
technology to measure thermal energy coming from the body. Items such as
a suicide bomb vest or a gun block these heat emissions, allowing them
to be seen against the warmth of the ‘green ghost’ thermal outline for
which Thruvision has become known. This means that, unlike existing
airport body scanners, Thruvision does not need to capture or record any
anatomical detail in order to operate.

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About Thruvision

Thruvision is the leading provider of next-generation people-screening
technology. Using patented passive terahertz technology, Thruvision is
uniquely capable of detecting metallic and non-metallic threats
including weapons, explosives and contraband items that are hidden under
clothing at distances up to 25ft. Addressing the growing need for fast,
safe and effective security, Thruvision has been vetted and approved by
the U.S. Transportation Security Administration. More than 200 units
have been deployed worldwide in 19 countries over the last five years
for applications including mass transit and aviation security,
facilities and public area protection, customs, and border control and
supply chain loss prevention. Thruvision has offices in Washington, DC
and near Oxford, England. For more information, please visit