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Tilak Healthcare to Create a Mobile Medical Game for Opioid Addiction

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Tilak Healthcare, a mobile medical gaming start-up based in Paris and
San Francisco, is proud to announce the prototyping of its second mobile
medical game, TLK-002. Tilak will work together with David Silbersweig,
MD, and Joji Suzuki, MD, of the Department of Psychiatry at Brigham and
Women’s Hospital in Boston to develop the game. Dr. Silbersweig will
provide expertise in neuropsychiatry while Dr. Suzuki will do the same
with opioid addiction. TLK-002 will incorporate all of the essential
elements of a high quality video game and will undergo rigorous human
factors testing and clinical trials per FDA standards. With regulatory
approval, the game would be prescribed by physicians and played by
patients who are at risk of relapse and experiencing cravings.
Information about game-play will be transmitted confidentially in
real-time to the physician, and the game will adjust its settings based
on the state-of-mind of the player. The goal will be to decrease opioid
cravings, diminish relapses, and decrease the need for costly and
time-consuming treatment.

David Silbersweig, MD, is Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and
Co-Director of the Center for the Neurosciences at the Brigham.

Joji Suzuki, MD, is Director of the Division of Addiction Psychiatry in
the Department of Psychiatry at the Brigham.

Vinona Bhatia, MD MPH, is Chief Medical Officer of Tilak Healthcare.

“As always, our focus is on the care and well-being of patients who
are struggling with addiction. We need to continue to seek new and
innovative ways to support them,”
said Dr. Silbersweig.

“TLK-002 will be an opportunity for patients to address their
cravings in a timely fashion, no matter where they are, by playing an
interactive and engaging video game. For the game, all they need is
their smartphone”
said Dr. Bhatia.

About Tilak Healthcare
Tilak is a unique videogame studio
where like-minded & passionate people create fun, mobile medical games
for patients with chronic diseases. There is an ever-increasing demand
for medical services, placing a huge burden on the healthcare system.
Doctors and caregivers need new, validated tools and resources in order
to improve access. At Tilak Healthcare, every product on the market is
clinically validated, developed with physicians and patient advocates,
compliant with medical device regulations, and protects the patient’s
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