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Time to Open Your NextMind: DevKit for World’s First Real-Time Brain-Sensing Wearable Starts Shipping

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NextMind, a fast-growing neurotechnology startup and CES 2020 Best of Innovation award winner, today announced it has started shipping its much-anticipated Development Kit for the world’s first real-time brain-sensing wearable, which allows users to take control of their digital world just by using their thoughts. This groundbreaking technology opens new possibilities for gaming and human-computer interaction by instantly translating brain signals from the user’s visual cortex into digital commands for any device. Place orders for $399 and view new use cases at

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“This is a huge milestone for NextMind and a tribute to all our scientists, investors and partners who have helped us bring a truly transformational experience to the developer community,” said Sid Kouider, founder and CEO of NextMind. “We believe this technology will change the gaming industry in massive ways due to how fully immersive and exciting the NextMind experience is. Our product will truly make you feel like a jedi, and we cannot wait to see what NextMind can bring to the global developer community as well as to the future of brain-computer interfaces.”

NextMind’s device is a small, lightweight wearable that captures electrical brain signals from the user’s visual cortex as it sits inside a cap or on a band on the back of the user’s head. It creates a deeper, more immersive experience between human and computer. By using machine-learning algorithms, NextMind translates that output into direct digital commands for devices in real time, all while being hands free.

The opportunity for developers to create amazing human-computer interactions using NextMind is only limited by their imagination. The unique brain-computer interface has the power to give users control over their computers and any device in the internet of things, such as lights, TVs, music, games and more. NextMind can be used alone, with an augmented- or virtual-reality headset, or in combination with other controllers such as a gamepad.

Through the company’s strategic investor relationship with David Helgason, founder and former CEO of Unity Technologies, NextMind’s DevKit includes a variety of Unity software development kit elements and is compatible with a wide range of digital platforms, including Microsoft Windows 10, Apple’s macOS, Oculus, HTC Vive and HoloLens.

The NextMind DevKit includes:

  • NextMind Sensor: Brain-sensing wearable with an adjustable headband.
  • NextMind Engine: Real-time machine-learning algorithms transforming neural signals into commands.
  • NextMind SDK: Ready-to-use Unity resources such as tutorials, demo apps and games, and code building blocks.

In January, NextMind captured the imagination of the tech community in the U.S. and around the world as a top newsmaker at CES 2020, winning two CES innovation awards, including the prestigious Best of Innovation in Virtual & Augmented Reality and as an Honoree in Wearable Technologies. Thousands of event attendees personally experienced the way NextMind allows users to experience its first-of-its-kind direct brain command technology. The remarkable NextMind brain-computer interface wearable was featured by ABC News, CNBC, VentureBeat, WIRED and hundreds of other news outlets.

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About NextMind

NextMind lets your mind take control. A fast-growing tech startup, NextMind has developed a first-of-its-kind, brain-sensing wearable that delivers real-time device control using just a person’s thoughts. NextMind’s groundbreaking technology, based on proven scientific research conducted over the past 20 years, translates brain signals from the visual cortex into digital commands in real time, enabling easier interaction and control of computers, AR/VR headsets or any device. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn.