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TNS Launches Branded Calling Solution Enabling Businesses to Protect Their Brand from Robocalls

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The rise of unwanted robocalls is having a devastating impact on
legitimate businesses that rely heavily on automated calling to
communicate with customers and consumers. To address this, Transaction
Network Services
(TNS) today announced market availability of Business
– a new feature of Enhanced Caller ID that enables businesses or
any legitimate call originator to protect their brand from call
spoofing, increase call pickup rates, and improve the business-customer
communications experience.

Business ID, available as part of TNS’ Enhanced
Caller ID
service, leverages big data analytics and machine learning
capabilities to improve the call delivery ecosystem. Multiple Tier 1 US
carriers are currently trialing the feature and expect to roll it out in
2019, making this solution immediately available to approximately
one-third of all mobile subscribers.

TNS’ unique position within the service
ecosystem enables it to deliver Business ID to hundreds of
millions of mobile devices, in turn providing businesses, carriers,
cable providers and consumers with several key benefits:

  • Businesses can ensure wanted calls are answered – Carriers can
    now offer business customers the option to display their logo on the
    screen of an incoming call to drive better customer and consumer
    response, whether it’s a pharmacy notifying a customer their
    prescription is ready, a credit card company with an alert about a
    suspicious transaction, or any organization that suffers when
    customers don’t answer the phone.
  • Businesses can deepen customer
    – Business ID not only helps identify the
    call originator, but also allows the business to provide additional
    information. For example, a pharmacy confirming a prescription is
    ready could have the branded screen include pharmacy location, hours
    of operation, etc.
  • Service providers can restore trust to voice calling – Business
    ID will support call authentication capabilities with the TNS Call
    Guardian product, verifying caller authenticity and reputation.
  • Businesses can fully manage their voice calling brand
    Businesses and telemarketers have full flexibility to use the Business
    ID feature to deliver their name, logo, and if desired, the intent of
    the call, whether that be an appointment reminder or a customer
    account alert that requires immediate attention.

“For years, carriers have offered various forms of identification, such
as calling name and number to provide helpful caller identification on
the incoming call screen,” said Bill Versen, Chief Product Officer at
TNS. “As robocalls
become a growing threat to the subscriber experience, the Business ID
feature represents a critical evolution in caller identification – not
only by helping businesses with legitimate calling campaigns to succeed
and grow their businesses, but also enabling carriers to restore trust
to voice calling.”

If you are a service provider or call originator interested in learning
more about TNS Enhanced Caller ID, visit

About TNS

From small rural operators in the US to the largest multi-national
carriers, TNS addresses the full needs of wireless and wireline
operators in the US and globally. TNS
Call Guardian
is an industry-leading call analytics solution used by
leading US wireless service providers as well as US landline providers
to protect their subscribers from high risk and nuisance robocalls and
deliver a superior user experience. By analyzing over 1 billion call
events across more than 500 operators every single day and capturing
crowd-sourced feedback, the Call Guardian app enables carriers to
identify more unwanted robocalls than competitors. For additional
information visit here.