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Top 3 Ways Patient Analytics Can Revolutionize the Treatment & Identification of Patients Affected with Coronavirus | Quantzig

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Quantzig, a global data analytics and advisory firm, that delivers actionable analytics solutions to resolve complex business problems has announced the completion of its latest article that analyzes the role of patient analytics in the healthcare industry. The article offers detailed insights into the top ways patient journey analytics is transforming the healthcare sector.

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  1. If you’re someone who’s looking to enter or expand your footprint in the healthcare industry, this article offers detailed insights into why you should leverage patient analytics
  2. Learn why patient journey analytics in the healthcare industry is crucial to succeeding
  3. Gain insights into the role of patient data analysis in transforming healthcare processes

By offering newer ways of gathering novel information about treatment pathways and patient journeys, patient journey analytics paves the way for us to move from passive approaches to innovative, analytics-driven approaches. Request a FREE proposal to learn more about its use cases.

Providing advanced, comprehensive insights into clinical, demographic, and patient data, patient data analysis is undoubtedly the next big thing in the healthcare industry. Tailored to support the requirements of healthcare organizations, patient analytics acts as a decision-support tool that aims to enhance patient satisfaction. Patient analytics can also be used to analyze the vast amounts of information generated through internal and external sources such as patient touchpoints, demographic data, and treatment pathways. Such insights obtained through the use of patient journey analytics & behavioral analytics in healthcare can be utilized to plan treatments and drive outcomes.

Patient journey analytics offer decision-makers the insights required to foresee treatment outcomes, respond to challenges proactively, and capitalize on future trends. Speak to our analytics experts and learn how our solutions can help your business.

According to Quantzig’s patient journey analytics experts, “Built from the ground up exclusively for the healthcare industry, our patient journey analytics solutions enable organizations to collect and analyze data from various internal and external sources such as- electronic health records, clinical database management systems, and patient feedback portals.”

Three critical ways in which patient journey analytics can change the face of the healthcare sector:

1: Market PlanningWith patient analytics, healthcare organizations can determine how many facilities a market can support, where facilities should be located in new markets, and how they can capitalize on new opportunities in the existing markets.

2: Operational Improvement– Enhance operations at an organizational level using patient analytics to identify underperforming facilities and opportunities to increase service efficiency.

3: Service Line ExpansionPatient analytics can guide healthcare organizations considering expanding into newer service lines by evaluating the best opportunities for capitalizing on newer healthcare segments.

Quantzig’s healthcare analytics solutions include advanced patient monitoring and patient journey mapping solutions that offer holistic, integrated views of the patient journey. Book a FREE Demo to know more.

Quantzig offers powerful patient journey analytics solutions that allow users to collect a wide variety of information and creatively factor-in datasets to build predictive models. These models can be configured as needed, in order to visualize unique business scenarios. The analytics process uses a rich machine learning interface to empower healthcare organizations to offer personalized services based on patient journeys.

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