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Top Trends Set to Transform the Telecom Industry in 2019 | A Free Resource by Quantzig

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Quantzig, a leading analytics advisory firm that delivers customized analytics solutions, has announced the completion of its free resource on the top trends disrupting the telecom industry in 2019. The telecom sector is reshaping as it adopts new technologies and embraces cloud-based technologies. This has made companies in the telecom sector to look for competitive advantages in a saturated market. With new trends and ideas disrupting the telecom business, telecoms operators are finding it difficult to monetize the data deluge flooding their networks. As a result, they are struggling to reinvest in network upgrades.

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Telecom Industry Trends (Graphic: Business Wire)

Telecom Industry Trends (Graphic: Business Wire)

“When it comes to warehouse optimization efforts, starting with a clear understanding of strategic priorities can help create a highly-focused improvement plan that leans to meaningful results,” says a telecom industry expert from Quantzig.

Organizations that invest in much-needed modernization and new strategic business models next year will be those that succeed in this state of fragility. Therefore, telecom operators need to keep themselves updates with the emerging trends to maximize profitability and stay ahead of the curve.

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Telecom Industry Trends

Internet of Things

The internet of things (IoT) is one of the most significant trends disrupting the telecom industry in 2019. This technology has made lives more interconnected than ever before. Therefore, telecom companies need to realize the potential of IoT to revamp their infrastructure and support the use of this technology. IoT can be used to improve the operational efficiency with remote monitoring and management of equipment.

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Advent of 5G

With 5G technology, companies in the telecom industry are partnering with other network service providers to capitalize on a wide range of market opportunities. The advent of 5G technology has made predictive maintenance and data collection much easier in the telecom industry. With the expanded capabilities of 5G, companies in the telecom sector need to invest in creating go-to-market models that can capture the complete potential of 5G technology.

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