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Torch Launches Direct to Consumer Small Group Coaching

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Torch Leadership Labs, a company that provides an end-to-end suite of leadership learning and development platform for executives, employees and HR leaders, announces the launch of Small Group Coaching, a course available directly to consumers.

The offering was born out of feedback Torch was receiving from customers and community about the difficulty to both support oneself and lead during a crisis. Torch works with more than 10,000 leaders across over 200 enterprise and rapid-growth companies to provide one-on-one coaching and mentoring on an ongoing basis. Small Group Coaching will bring this same level of coaching expertise to small groups while incorporating peer to peer learning and community support.

“As COVID-19 spreads and the economy remains volatile, many business leaders are being faced with challenges they’ve never had to endure before,” says Torch CEO and co-founder, Cameron Yarbrough. “In the mix of offerings being created to support leaders, we felt something was missing. What our program provides is personalized to the individual, allowing people to work through the totality of emotions they’re experiencing with the support of an expert coach and through peer to peer learning. We’ve worked quickly to bring this program to market at the most affordable and fair cost that we can provide.”

Small Group Coaching will live on Torch’s technology platform, a private and safe space for people to interact with their coach and other participants throughout the month-long course. Torch’s senior coaches are some of the most well-trained in the world, with expertise in business, psychology and executive leadership development. They have helped coach senior leaders at companies like LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitch, Zendesk, Gilead Sciences, and T-Mobile.

“These are times for adaptive and compassionate leadership,” says Torch Coach, Peter Hill. “A group coaching experience allows leaders a powerful and safe environment, with peers, the opportunity to experiment with their behaviors with lower risk while increasing EQ.”

Each group will include up to six participants with similar role levels and contain three sessions including:

  1. Leading Through Uncertainty
  2. Achieving Results: Compassion + Accountability
  3. Leveling Up Your Leadership

Small Group Coaching is offered globally and costs $750 per three-session course. Premium private coaching of the same course/sessions is available for $1,500.

“In times of crisis we look to our leaders for solutions,” says Yarbrough. “We’re here to support those leaders who are being asked to bring us through one of the biggest challenges of our time.”


Torch offers the industry’s first complete end-to-end suite of leadership learning and development software for executives, employees and HR leaders. By merging technology, human coaching, social learning and mentorship for individual team members, the Torch platform transforms employees at all career stages into the next generation of leaders. In addition, the platform provides HR executives with a centralized place to track coaching and mentoring at scale.

Torch has helped more than 10,000 leaders across over 200 enterprise and rapid-growth companies, including clients like LinkedIn, Reddit, Twitch, Zendesk, Gilead Sciences, and T-Mobile. Founded in 2017 by leadership coach Cameron Yarbrough and psychologist Keegan Walden, Ph.D., Torch is on a mission to enrich organizations with mentorship, coaching and customized learning tools for every employee, at every stage of their career with the purpose of helping drive conscious leaders to innovate and create a better world.