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Touchdown for Ranch! Shopkick and Hidden Valley’s Big Game Survey Reveals Savory Data

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No matter which team Americans are rooting for during the Battle of the Pigskin, there’s one thing they can all agree on – there better be ranch on the table! Nearly 60 percent picked ranch as their condiment of choice for the Big Sunday Showdown, beating out ketchup, queso, BBQ sauce and honey mustard.

Shopkick, the leading shopping rewards app, and Hidden Valley Ranch, maker of America’s favorite dressing, asked more than 20,000 Americans just how important the creamy condiment is for their game day spread.

Insights include:

  • Let There Be Ranch: Ranch continues to be a staple for the Big Game, with 42 percent stating that, “Without ranch, the game day spread just isn’t the same.” Keto-dieters definitely want ranch at the table, with 15 percent noting, “It’s hard enough to find keto-friendly snacks, don’t take away my ranch!” Eleven percent even said that if ranch is missing, they’d be, “More disappointed than if their team doesn’t get the W.”
  • Not So Hidden Valley: Hidden Valley Ranch makes it to the end zone, with 75 percent choosing the brand as their favorite ranch dressing option.
  • Dippin’ Time: Chicken wings are Americans’ MVP as the must-have game day ranch-pairing (54 percent). Veggie sticks win runner-up (18 percent), followed by pizza (10 percent), chicken tenders (9 percent), pretzels and chips (4 percent), fries (2 percent), and tater tots (1 percent). Football fans will be serving ranch straight from the bottle, according to 64 percent of respondents.
  • Yum or Yuck: When asked the weirdest ranch combo they would try, Americans are going with steak and ranch (44 percent). Other questionable combos include ranch with avocado toast (25 percent), spaghetti and meatballs (14 percent), pancakes (4 percent), Oreo-branded cookies (4 percent) and ice cream (3 percent). A daring six percent would try all of the above!
  • Sunday Spending: Of the 22 percent of respondents planning to host a Game Day party, most plan to spend between $51-100 (37 percent) on food, decorations and other party items. Nineteen percent plan to spend more than $150 for the Big Game. Whatever the budget, ranch is sure to make it to checkout!

Make sure to check the Shopkick app during your next visit to Walmart or go-to grocer, and earn kicks when you scan or purchase a bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch! For great recipes for your Big Game spread, like Buffalo Chicken Dip, visit

Shopkick conducted a survey of 21,889 users to gain insights into shoppers’ purchase behavior and attitudes towards ranch. The survey was conducted online from Jan. 3, 2020 to Jan. 8, 2020.

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