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TPG Software Announces the Release of the Libor-to-SOFR Toolkit for 2021

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TPG Software has announced the TPG 2021 Libor-to-SOFR Transition Toolkit (SOFR Genius) with focus on SOFR Formula Driven Rates for the U.S. Bank Balance Sheet Instruments, incorporating Rates and Balances As-Of Date for a specific Holding, cash flow forecasting, and reconciliation tools & processes needs for banks, thrifts, and credit unions.

The TPG SOFR GeniusBank Treasury Rates enterprise solution, is a comprehensive offering that incorporates a robust front-end interface, accounting, data management, and SOX Compliance Verification. It monitors and distributes information effectively across the institution and is deployable in a traditional client-server configuration or in a cloud-based environment. (Continuously Automated Updateable Data from Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) and other vendors.)

The TPG 2021 Libor-to-SOFR Transition Toolkit (SOFR Genius) functionality:

  • TPG Rates & Holdings Data Warehouse consists of SQL Server Based Holdings Storage (Cloud or on-Premises) from which your holdings, balances, and rates are accessible via Automated Data Feeds.

  • SOFR Genius Supports the following Instruments:
  • U.S. Corporate Bonds
  • U.S. Inflation Protected Bonds
  • Municipal Bonds
  • MBS Passthroughs: RMBS & CMBS
  • Structured Products: ABS, CMO, CLO
  • International Developed Country Bonds
  • Preferred Securities
  • Bank Loans
  • FHLB Advances
  • CD’s Issued
  • Bonds Issued
  • Intra Company Debt
  • Derivatives (Interest Rate Swaps, caps, floors, swaptions, futures, forwards)
  • Repos and Reverse Repos

  • Daily Balance Calculations / Entry Types – Available for every Position
  • Accrued Interest Balance (As-Of Date)
  • Purchased Interest
  • Sold Interest
  • Coupon Payment

  • Cashflow Forecasting Module provides the ability to generate cash flow projections based on loaded vectored and/or user-input prepayment speeds for mortgage-backed securities, under multiple scenarios comparing projections under different prepayment speeds for both sides of balance sheet. The module stores all cash flows generated and/or imported to the database, enabling you to analyze data through reports and extracts.

  • The TPG system provides access to a broad cross-asset class of information for derivatives and fixed income instruments using industry-standard models, allowing full disclosure of the data, formula models, analytics, and risk measures.

Per Cory Sokoloski, Senior Vice President of Sales for TPG Software, “Our comprehensive solution assists our clients in complying with complexities of the Libor-Transition for now and in the future as part of their daily business process. The strength of our solution is that verification is embedded in the SOFR Genius Product reducing the time, effort and cost needed to satisfy regulatory and business requirements.”

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