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Tracers Launches and a New Must-Have Personally Identifying Information Validation Service for Background Screeners

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Tracers Information Specialists, Inc. (Tracers), one of the leading providers of pointer data for background screening providers large and small is proud to announce the launch of their new web presence of and their new data validation service, known as TracersID. TracersID takes identifiable information a background screening provider has on a specific consumer and uses Tracers’ advanced algorithm to instantly verify if the data they have is a match for the same unique consumer.

Tracers takes billions of identifiable data points and connects them together with unique consumers that is all searched with TracersID in an unmatched instant triangulation process.

“We didn’t just launch a new website with, we set out on a mission to enhance our data, services, operations, and infrastructure behind as well,” said Erik Pickering, President of Tracers. “Thanks to the investments we made into making Tracers better, we have significantly improved the ease at which background screening providers can make their own background checks accurate and more thorough by using new services like TracersID that are backed by our billions of records from thousands of sources covering nearly every adult, business, property, and asset within the United States.”

Background screening providers can now combine TracersID with their Tracers SSN traces so they can verify they are conducting their searches with the correct Personally Identifiable Information (PII) for the subject of their search. This is extremely valuable because many background checks that missed records or attributed records to the wrong consumer was because the search was conducted with the wrong identifiable information.

“I’ve heard many background screening providers tell employers they should do background checks because if they could have known about a criminal record through a simple background check, then they should have known,” said John Lawrence, Chief Marketing Officer of Tracers. “Well the same can be said to background screening providers regarding our new product, TracersID. If you could have known you were working with the wrong PII, then you should have known. With TracersID, now you will!”

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For over 20 years, Tracers has empowered law enforcement, private investigators, collection professionals, fraud prevention specialists, litigation attorneys, and background screening industry providers with the data intelligence they need. Tracers’ pioneering search technology and cutting-edge innovation offers access to billions of public records and proprietary data sources throughout the world. For more information, visit