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TractManager Receives NCQA Accreditation for Credentialing

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TractManager, the leader in strategic sourcing, contract lifecycle management, and provider management, today announced that the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) has awarded Accreditation status to its Provider Credentialing solution. With this achievement, TractManager becomes the nation’s first Credentialing Verification Organization (CVO) with an integrated Contract Lifecycle Management solution to achieve Credentialing Accreditation.

Margaret E. O’Kane, President of NCQA, explains, “Achieving NCQA Credentialing Accreditation demonstrates that TractManager has the systems, process, and personnel in place to conduct credentialing in accordance with the strictest quality standards.”

NCQA offers two standards of assessment: Accreditation and Certification. While many credentialing organizations qualify for Certification, few apply for or receive Accreditation. “Accreditation is far more comprehensive and requires a lot of hard work,” says Anna Arutyunyan, Vice President of CVO Services at TractManager. “Most CVOs will pursue Certification because it is the obvious choice. But, after meeting with our account specialist at NCQA and describing the breadth of our program, it was clear that Accreditation more accurately captures and measures our services. It is an absolute honor to be recognized at such a high level for our comprehensive credentialing program and our focus on quality and accuracy.”

TractManager’s Provider Credentialing solution is part of a full suite of Provider Management offerings that streamline the entire contract lifecycle management process. TractManager’s end-to-end suite of solutions and services allows for automated and efficient management of provider contracts, onboarding processes (e.g., credentialing, privileging, and enrollment), and downstream compliance practices. Powerful analytics capabilities allow data to be easily tracked with customized reporting across a system or practice. Built-in compliance safeguards—including fair market value analysis, conflict of interest, provider time tracking, and gift alerts—ensure ongoing regulatory compliance for health systems. The combined benefits of TractManager’s Provider Management suite of solutions includes improved speed-to-revenue, more engaged providers, and better data visibility to support smart decision-making.

“We are pleased that our Provider Credentialing solution has been recognized by NCQA,” says Trace Devanny, CEO of TractManager. “Our clients can be assured that the quality and integrity of our credentialing services are second to none. Our streamlined auditing and delegation, combined with the integration of credentialing with contract lifecycle management, positions TractManager as the leader in provider management.”

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NCQA Accreditation is governed by the Standards for Accreditation in Credentialing, developed with the assistance of representatives from the Standards Committee, the Review Oversight Committee, and input from other organizations. NCQA has reviewed and accredited TractManager’s credentialing functions only. For complete details on the scope of this review, visit

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